Administrative Services

This division manages the business activities of the Health Department. It oversees all financial, human resource and procurement activities, including records management and fee collection for clinical services. It also assists in vital record requests, like birth and death certificates, and works with state and city offices to handle facility management and IT services at the department's multiple locations.

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Phone Numbers

Accounts Payable: 703.746.4909 

Birth/Death Certificates: 703.746.4991

Human Resources: 703.746.4902 (fax number: 703.746.4912)

Billing (for patients): 703.746.4950 

Billing (for permits): 703.746.4910

Accounts Payable

Call 703.746.4909 for information about unpaid invoices for goods and services. If you need to mail an invoice, send it to:

  • Alexandria Health Department
    Attention: Accounts Payable
    4480 King Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Birth / Death Certificates

To obtain a Birth Certificate, you must contact the Virginia Department of Health's Office of Vital Records at or call 804.662.6200. The Alexandria Health Department does not issue Birth Certificates.

Certified copies of death certificates are available to eligible family members at the Alexandria Health Department's Main Office for deaths that occurred in the past five years in Virginia. Visit for more information.

Employment Opportunities

The Health Department positions are funded by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), City of Alexandria and a few grants. Majority of our positions are VDH positions.

To view and apply for a position: 

Read the position details completely before applying. We will only review and accept applications submitted online through the above websites. We can not accept paper copies of resumes or applications. All positions require a background check.

Internships / Volunteering

Sometimes, the Health Department uses contractors, volunteers, and interns to fulfill needs on a temporary basis. 

  • Contractors are hired through eVA.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available through the Medical Reserve Corps. Visit for more information.
  • Intern and practicum requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Human Resources and a supervisor. Call 703.746.4902 for more information. Many schools will require that an agreement be in place before an intern can start.

We will conduct a background check on all interns, volunteers and contractors prior to starting.

Patient Billing 

Not all Health Department services are free. Most patient services are billed based on a sliding income scale. This means that the less fortunate will sometimes pay less. If you have any questions about a bill you received, call 703.746.4950.

Please send payments for services to: 

  • Alexandria Health Department
    Attention: Accounts Receivable
    4480 King Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Do not send cash. Depending on the service, we charge $35 or $50 for a return check fee.

Permit Billing

Health permits are billed through the Environmental Health Division. Call 703.746.4910 or visit for more information.