Contact Information & Locations

Contact information for the Alexandria Health Department including sites and phone numbers. Actual service and clinic hours will vary.

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Alexandria Health Department 

Clinical Appointments: 703.746.4888

OB/GYN Appointments: 703.746.4816 or 703.746.4785

Environmental Health: 703.746.4910 

Outbreaks or Communicable Diseases: 703.746.4951 

Main Phone: 703.746.4996

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Main Office

4480 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302

4480 King St map

703.746.4996 Main Phone
703.746.4860 In Espanol
703.845.1397 Fax

Casey Health Center

1200 N. Howard Street (next to Inova Alexandria Hospital)
Alexandria, VA 22304

Casey Health Clinic map

703.746.4886 Main Phone
703.746.4860 In Espanol            
703.751.8024 Fax

Teen Wellness Center

AHD Main Office

T.C. Williams High School
3330 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302

TWC map
703.746.4776 Main Phone 
703.746.4796 Fax
571.329.2245 Text "APPT" to schedule appointments