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The Alexandria Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a volunteer organization of local medical and non-medical volunteers who are ready to respond to public health emergencies. MRC volunteers strengthen the emergency preparedness and daily services of Alexandria Health Department.

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Interested in volunteering with the Alexandria Medical Reserve Corps? Register online through the Virginia Volunteer Health System.

About MRC

Our MRC volunteers serve our community and are critical in accomplishing the Health Department's missions. They help us prepare for and respond to natural disasters, like floods, storms and hurricanes, as well as other emergencies affecting the public health, such as disease outbreaks. In Alexandria, the health department frequently calls on MRC volunteers to assist in community outreach events or immunization clinics.

After completing an orientation, volunteers decide how much time and what help they want to give.

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Core Competencies

Core competencies represent the baseline knowledge level and skills that all MRC volunteers should have, regardless of their assigned role. These competencies represent a minimum standard that the Alexandria MRC builds upon to train volunteers at advanced levels. MRC volunteers should be able to: 

  1. Describe the procedure and steps necessary to protect the health, safety, and overall well being of themselves, their families, the team and the community.
  2. Document that they have an existing personal and family preparedness plan.
  3. Describe the chain of command (e.g., Emergency Management Systems, Incident Command System, National Incident Management System), MRC integration and its application given the incident.
  4. Describe the local MRC unit's role in public health and/or emergency response and its application to a given incident.  
  5. Describe their communication role(s) and processes with response partners, media, general public, and others.  
  6. Describe an event's impact on their mental health, responders and others.  
  7. Demonstrate their ability to follow procedures for assignment, activation, reporting and deactivation.  
  8. Identify limits to own skills, knowledge and abilities as they pertain to the MRC.

More information regarding the MRC Core Competencies may be found within the Alexandria MRC Member Handbook.

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Training is an important part of how we prepare our MRC volunteers. The training plan for Alexandria MRC members was developed based on the expected core competencies of all MRC volunteers, as well as federal and regional requirements. 

Some training sessions, such as the MRC Volunteer Orientation, are offered in-class only; however, many training sessions can be completed online.  Sample courses include:


  • MRC Orientation
  • Access & Functional Needs Training 
  • Psychological First Aid 
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR
  • Epidemiological Interviewing
  • Vector Borne Illnesses 
  • Shelter Fundamentals
  • Incident Command System courses 


  • Basic ICS courses, IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800 
  • IS-242 Effective Communication
  • Introduction to Mental Health Preparedness
  • VDH's Role in Emergency Response
  • VDH: An Introduction to Isolation and Quarantine 
  • Volunteers should create (or update) a TRAIN account to track training completed.

All volunteers must first attend the Alexandria MRC Orientation before participating in any other MRC-sponsored training sessions and/or volunteer opportunities. 

If you would like to register for an in-class training or complete a course online but require assistance, please contact MRC Coordinator by telephone at 703.746.4978 or via email at  

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If you have any questions, contact our MRC Coordinator:
4480 King Street, 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA 22302

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