COVID-19 Strategic Action Framework: Houses of Worship, Non-Profits and Businesses

Page updated on Jul 17, 2020 at 10:33 AM

This document is congruent with Alexandria Health Department’s (AHD) Strategic Action Framework and is one of a series of frameworks outlining AHD’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response


Support Alexandria’s houses of worship, non-profits, and businesses to operate safely.


Prevent COVID-19 outbreaks by educating and supporting local institutions.

Key Context

This is a living document and changes will be made based on updates in public health’s understanding of COVID-19, updated CDC and VDH guidance, and AHD resources and prioritizations. 


1. Develop best practice guidance and produce required materials

  • Synthesize CDC and VDH materials into digestible content.
  • Create signage based on state requirements for businesses and other facilities in multiple languages – assure they are effective and helpful.
  • Disseminate signage to businesses, non-profits, and faith groups for printing and display.

2. Create and implement voluntary safety training program, ALX Promise

  • Work with businesses, non-profits, and faith-based groups to deliver training, consultations, and voluntary accreditation.
    • Analyze the role of ALX Promise in preventing complaints to the Health Department
  • Launch ALX Promise through door-to-door intensive outreach to West End and minority-owned businesses.
    • Conduct before and after evaluation of outreach efforts
    • Work with community groups to promote the program
    • Hand delivery of required signage and follow up phone calls
  • Promote the program and accredited businesses through media opportunities, including in Spanish.

3. Communicate regularly with targeted groups

  • Participate in telephone or virtual townhalls to answer staff and resident questions.
  • Develop content for weekly non-profit and faith-based group emails.
  • Launch AHD phone office hours for faith groups to troubleshoot reopening challenges.