COVID-19: Phase 2 Vaccinations

Page updated on May 7, 2021 at 1:38 PM

Phase 2 Vaccinations

Alexandria Health Department moved into Phase 2 on April 12, ahead of schedule. All residents ages 16 and over are now eligible. AHD will continue to focus on large events and vulnerable communities.

In Phase 2, all residents ages 16 and older who were not already eligible in an earlier phase became eligible to receive a vaccine. Walk in or make a vaccine appointment today at to help end the pandemic.

AHD partners with a large network of providers in Alexandria who will offer the vaccine to their patients and the broader community, through pharmacies, primary care providers, urgent care centers, and safety net clinics. 

In Phase 2, AHD is focused on Alexandria’s most vulnerable communities, including residents with limited access to the technology and transportation they need to register for and receive the vaccine. Targeted outreach to these communities is a priority. AHD will continue to hold large-scale vaccine clinics, in addition to ongoing mobile vaccine events in neighborhood spaces such as houses of worship, local businesses, apartment complexes, and recreation centers.