Public Health Advisory Commission

The Alexandria Public Health Advisory Commission provides information about and evaluation of health-related matters and investigates specific health problems.

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On May 12, 1981, the Alexandria City Council passed an ordinance to create the Public Health Advisory Commission (PHAC). The PHAC's functions, powers and duties are to advise and support the City and City Council by evaluating and advising on all health matters and on the priority of public health needs in the City.

The PHAC consists of 16 members, including three citizen members who are health professionals, five citizen members who are non-health professionals, one physician practicing in the City, one dentist practicing in the City, one representative from the Alexandria Community Services Board, one representative from the Inova Alexandria Hospital, one representative from the Neighborhood Health Board of Directors, one representative from the City's Fire Department, one representative from the Alexandria City School Board and one representative from the Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria Steering Committee. The Commission is supported by the Alexandria Health Department.  

List of Members

  • Ruth Chamowitz, Non-Health Professional
  • Liz Ghandakly, Non-Health Professional
  • Ann Harbour (Vice-Chair), INOVA Alexandria Hospital Representative
  • Daniel Hawkins, Health Professional
  • Keith Hearle, Neighborhood Health Board of Directors
  • Arlene Hewitt, Non-Health Professional
  • Dr. Jessica Hill, Dentist nominated by NOVA Dental Society 
  • Brian Hricik, Fire Department Representative
  • Allen Lomax, Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria Steering Committee Representative
  • Richard Merritt, Non-Health Professional
  • Dr. Barbara Nowak, Alexandria City School Board Representative
  • Patricia Rodgers, Health Professional
  • Dr. Michael C. Trahos, Practicing Physician Representative
  • Katya Wanzer (Chair), Health Professional 
  • L. Tamara Wilson, Non-Health Professional

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Commission, visit for more information.

Schedule and Meeting Information

Unless otherwise noted, the Public Health Advisory Commission meets on the third Thursday of the month from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. at the Alexandria Health Department, 4480 King Street, in the 4th Floor Conference Room. Click here for the 2017 PHAC Calendar.

2017 Agenda and Meeting Minutes

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Annual Reports

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City Staff Contact

Janine McCormick, Health Department, 703.746.4956.