Vital Records

A vital record is a certificate or report of a life event like a birth, death, adoption, marriage or divorce. When these events take place in Virginia, the Virginia Office of Vital Records keeps the official record in Richmond. Eligible family members can get copies of records from various sources (see below). The Alexandria Health Department can provide death certificates issued within the last five years. The Alexandria Clerk of the Court can issue marriage and divorce certificates.

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Death Certificates

Immediate family members with a valid ID can get a vital record. This includes parents (mother/father), current spouse, child (son/daughter), siblings (brother sister) and grandparents.

Eligible persons can obtain a Death Certificate in the following ways:

Walk In


By Mail

Other Vital Records: Birth Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Marriage Certificates

Eligible persons can obtain other Vital Records via various methods (walk-in, online, mail) through the following sources:

Fees and hours vary by location.