Robinson Terminal South Update: Ship Documentation (part 3)

Researchers from Texas A&M University’s Conservation Research Lab (CRL) are continuing a project to digitally reconstruct and model the remnants of the three ships excavated on the Robinson Terminal Site, in coordination with a team of City archaeologists and volunteers.

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Note: The information on this page reflects the state of knowledge when this update was written. Information may have changed. 

Ship Documentation (part 3)

November 2019
Scanning and photographing a ship frame

 We’ve had another busy couple of weeks! This month our ship documentation team continued scanning, cleaning, and organizing timbers from Ship #3 (Feature 159) found at the Robinson Terminal South Site (44AX235). A big thanks to scholars from the University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation who helped us scan Ship #3’s enormous bow stem using a stationary laser. This piece is too large to efficiently and effectively scan with the Faro arm scanners that the Conservation Research Lab (CRL) uses.

This month, City archaeologists, volunteers, and CRL researchers scanned over 100 timbers from Ship #3. We have now documented over 3 tanks of timbers and remain on schedule to finish documentation in early spring. John Broadwater, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources State Underwater Archaeologist, joined us for several days, assisting with the documentation effort by scanning and photographing timbers. We are grateful for all his help, expertise, and guidance with these ships since their discovery over a year ago.

Broadwater and Breen, Ship 3, Feature 159The team also cleaned and organized timbers from Ships #3 (Feature 159) and #1 (Feature 200). We processed over 200 pieces of ceiling planking and sacrificial planking from Ship #3 and nearly 100 frames from Ship #1. Due to the dedicated efforts of our team, especially our amazing volunteers, we only have one tank left to clean and organize!

Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress!