Robinson Terminal South Update: Ship Documentation (part 4)

Page archived as of March 16, 2020

Note: The information on this page reflects the state of knowledge when this update was written. Information may have changed. 

More ship documentation

December 2019

Ship2ModelFeature155Our ship documentation team had another productive week of work! We continued scanning, cleaning, and organizing ship timbers found at the Robinson Terminal South Site (44AX235).

This month, City archaeologists and CRL researchers scanned over 100 timbers from Ship #3. We have successfully scanned all the structural timbers for this ship-frames, keel, and keelson. These are the most important pieces for determining the vessel’s size and shape.

Back in College Station, CRL researchers have been busy stitching together the point clouds for Ship #2’s individual timbers into 3D mesh models. They have also 3D printed all of this ship’s timbers at 1:12 scale and work has begun on the interpretive model. We are excited to see the results!

Heading into 2020, we have finished preparing all the ship timbers recovered from the site for scanning. That’s over 1000 pieces that have had their wooden and metal fasteners cut, their concretions removed, and been organized efficiently into tanks of water. This means that in subsequent trips, the team can focus its efforts solely on scanning. We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated volunteers.

Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress!