Archaeology Bibliography

This is a topical index of the bibliography of written material on archaeology in Alexandria, Virginia. Many of the references are included in full on our website, as links or PDFs.

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This is a comprehensive listing of written material on archaeology in Alexandria, Virginia. It also includes some historical and architectural studies. If you know of additional titles, please contact us so that they may be added to the bibliography. In an attempt to bring the so-called “gray literature” to light, many of the archaeological reports listed below are available for download as PDFs.

Author Index

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Topic Index

African American  Commercial/Industrial  Transportation 
American Indian  Mill  Urban Life 
Brewery  Miscellaneous  Waterfront 
Cemetery  Old Town  West End 
Church/Seminary  Rural Life  West End Village, Historic 
Civil War  Tavern  World War II 


Notes for Researchers:

  • We remind researchers of their browser’s search function to find specific reports. We suggest searching for site/project names like, for example, “Bruin Slave Jail” and “Christ Church,” historic identifiers such as “American Indian” and “Civil War,” and street names.
  • Titles without PDFs may be read, by appointment, at the Museum. Alexandria Archaeology Publications, a series of booklets and manuscripts published by the Museum, and photocopies of archaeological reports may be ordered for a fee by contacting the Museum.
  • Researchers should take into consideration that the breadth of this bibliography led to the inclusion of a number of outdated entries that do not reflect contemporary scholarship. Also, for those reports involving prehistory, it should be noted that the date ranges for the three traditional American Indian cultural periods (Paleo-Indian, Archaic, and Woodland) vary in the reports. Archaeologists continue to develop a regional framework as new finds are made and thus further refine the date ranges. Alexandria Archaeology employs the following timeline: Paleo-Indian circa 11,000 7,500 BC, Archaic circa 7,500 - 1,000 BC, and Woodland circa 1,000 BC–1600 AD.