Awards and Achievements

Awards presented to the City of Alexandria's archaeology program.

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Awards and Achievements

The City of Alexandria and Alexandria Archaeology have been honored with these awards, in recognition of their leadership in archaeology and historic preservation.

Partners for Livable Places Award 20182018 - Partners for Livable Communities' Culture Builds Community Award, presented to EYA, LLC and City of Alexandria Archaeology for their formation of a unique partnership to preserve and highlight the historic importance of the Old Town Alexandria waterfront. EYA engaged and funded a team of archaeologists to research the history of the site and applied this information to painstakingly excavate the site over an 18-month period. This effort resulted in the discovery of more than 150 individual features and over 100,000 artifacts.  The major discovery of three 18th century ships marked this as one of the most significant archaeological sites in Virginia. EYA plans to gift all of the artifacts, including the three ships, to the City for study and eventual exhibition that will further public understanding and appreciation of Alexandria’s rich history. These ships, coupled with a fourth that was discovered in 2015, now form the corpus of what can become a valuable resource to chronicle the past of Alexandria. 

Society for Historical Archaeology Award 2012. (Photo courtesy of Andrew J. Robinson, 2012)2012 - Society for Historical Archaeology Daniel G. Roberts Award for Excellence in Public Historical Archaeology presented in recognition of 50 years of public service and excellence. Established in 2011, this award was created and endowed by the staff of John Milner Associates, Inc., a cultural resource management firm, to recognize and honor their colleague Daniel G. Roberts, one of the pioneers in public historical archaeology. The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in public archaeology by individuals, educational institutions, for-profit or non-profit firms or organizations, museums, government agencies, private sponsors, or projects. Alexandria, the first recipient of this award, was specifically recognized for its outstanding public archaeological accomplishments due to its sustained commitment to public education, volunteerism, the Archaeology Museum, and unique public initiatives through the Office of Historic Alexandria, Alexandria Archaeology, Alexandria Archaeological Commission, and partnership activities with other City departments, the Friends of Alexandria Archaeology, and other groups and individuals.

2005 – Mary Mason Anderson Williams Award presented to the City of Alexandria/Alexandria Archaeology/Alexandria Archaeological Commission for three decades of ongoing preservation of Alexandria’s History and Archaeology; presented by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (now Preservation Virginia).

1999 – Council of Virginia Archaeologist’s Hoffman Award for those outside of the professional archaeological community who have made significant contributions to archaeological site preservation or historic preservation within the Commonwealth to the City of Alexandria and Alexandria Archaeology for Long-term Commitment to Preservation. 

1994 – Most Livable Communities and Entrepreneurial American Leadership Award for Community Archaeology, from Partners for Livable Communities. Awarded to the City of Alexandria for its "imaginative archaeology program" which uses "an amenity strategy to enhance the quality of life for all citizens." 

1993 – Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Historic Preservation to recognize the creation of the Alexandria Archaeological Protection Code, created through a partnership between community volunteers and businesses, and also for the establishment of a laboratory in order to assess, preserve, record, and exhibit Alexandria’s unique and significant historic and archaeological resources.