Robinson Terminal South Excavation Update: Foundations and Features

Archaeologists report in their June 2017 fieldwork update that they have completed the excavation of two stone foundation buildings along South Union Street, using photogrammetry to provide a map and a 3D model of the feature. They also uncovered an interesting brick foundation that may be a bake oven, and continued work on the Hooe warehouse.

Page archived as of March 9, 2019

Note: The information on this page reflects the state of knowledge when this update was written. Information may have changed. 

Foundations and Features

June 2017

Archaeological work continues at the site of Robinson Terminal South.

2 Duke June update 1Stone Foundations

Archaeologists have completed work on the two stone foundation buildings along South Union Street. Standard photographs and maps were drawn. Archaeologists also employed a documentation tool called photogrammetry to provide additional high-level documentation for the features – the output of which is a map and a 3D model. The residents of both houses dealt with water issues and installed drainage systems and pumps to control water at the base of the foundation. (Photo courtesy of Thunderbird Archaeology.)  

Circular Brick Feature

Right along South Union Street, just south of the stone foundations, archaeologists have been hard at work uncovering a circular brick foundation. The soils inside were removed to expose a brick floor. It is uncertain exactly what this feature is but one hypothesis is a bake oven. Analysis of the artifacts associated with the feature and additional research may reveal its original purpose. (Photos courtesy of Thunderbird Archaeology.)  

2 Duke June update 22 Duke June update 3

Hooe's Warehouse

Work continues on the interior of Hooe’s warehouse where archaeologists discovered a wood-lined drain running along the inside of the massive stone foundation. Evidence of the original floor was also encountered, though the preservation of the floorboards is poor.

Twentieth Century Features

Archaeologists have begun to level the modern fill in the southern section of what will become the townhouse area between previously excavated archaeological trenches per the approved scope of work. In the middle of the site, a 20th century brick footer, believed to be one of the Robinson Terminal South buildings, was uncovered. Archaeologists are just beginning to explore other features in this area.

George Slacum

2 Duke June update 5The archaeology crew has been focused on excavating the interior of a brick and stone foundation building in the northwest corner of the site, believed to have been owned by George Slacum, a shipping merchant. This building abuts another brick foundation, which has been completely excavated, and may have served as a kitchen. Archaeologists are excavating soil layers from within the building and screening the soil for artifacts..