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“Out of the Attic” has appeared in the Alexandria Times newspaper since 2007. Each week, the column focuses on the story behind an historic image.

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“Out of the Attic” is published each week in the Alexandria Times newspaper. The column began in 2007 as “Marking Time” and explored Alexandria’s history through collection items, historical images and architectural representations. Within the first year, it evolved into “Out of the Attic” and featured historical photographs of Alexandria. The column now focuses on a variety of historic topics.

These articles appear with the permission of the Alexandria Times and were authored on behalf of the Office of Historic Alexandria by Amy Bertsch, Public Information Officer (2007-2012), Lance Mallamo, Director (2012 - 2017), and by Daniel Lee, Historian, and other staff (2017 - present).

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Publication Date Title Street Address Property Name Topics
01/13/2022The MLK - Moss Kendrix Connection  African American, public relations, museum collection
01/06/2022The Knickerbocker Storm of 1922  Snow, natural disasters
12/16/2021Christmas of the 1880s and 90s in Alexandria  Christmas
12/09/2021The history of Kwanzaa  Kwanzaa, African American
12/02/2021Virginia’s Restored Government and Alexandria
Royal and Cameron Streets Civil War, historic marker
11/25/2021Virginia’s first Thanksgiving
11/18/2021Alexandria and BakeriesLee St, South  
11/11/2021The Alexandria Veterans of Foreign Wars MemorialCallahan DriveAlexandria Union StationWorld War I, historic marker
11/04/2021Alexandria's first African American mayoral candidate  African American history, politics, mayor, city council
10/28/2021The Alexandria Dukes, part 2  Baseball 
10/21/2021 Alexandria Archaeology: a study in urban archaeology Alexandria Archaeology MuseumVirginia Archaeology Month, archaeobotany, Hotel Indigo Site, ship
10/07/2021The Alexandria Dukes, part 1  Baseball
09/30/2021The power of neighboring in Chirilagua ChirilaguaHispanic Heritage Month., Arlandria
09/23/2021Domingo Sarmiento's visit to Washington  Domingo Sarmiento, education, Hispanic Heritage Month, Argentina, Chile, Latin America
09/09/2021Willard Scott and Alexandria  Entertainment, news, celebrity
09/02/2021Benjamin Hallowell: Early Alexandria educator  Education, abolitionist, Lyceum, Lloyd House
08/26/2021New marker dedicated to SuffragistsSt. Asaph at Prince Suffragists, Alexandria Heritage Trail marker
08/19/2021Alexandria and iron workingRoyal St, S, 500Alexandria Iron WorksIndustry, Jamieson, 
08/12/2021The steamboat race of 1875  Steamboat, transportation, Potomac
07/29/2021Gladys Davis: a life of service to Alexandria902 Wythe StreetRobinson LibraryAlexandria Public Library, segregation, African American history, Alexandria Black History Museum
07/22/2021The first city pools  Swimming pools, recreation, segregation
07/15/2021The schooner 'Enterprize'  Shipping, trade, waterfront
07/08/2021Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery MemorialWashington St, S, 1001 Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery MemorialAmerican Civil Rights Network, African American history, USCT
07/01/2021Reflecting on the National Anthem  Independence Day, 4th of July, John Gadsby
06/24/2021Mapping gay space in Northern Virginia  Gay Guides, LGTBQ+, Pride Month
06/17/2021Juneteenth in Alexandria  Juneteenth, African American history
06/10/2021Early Alexandria and refrigerationRoyal St, N 134Gadsby's Tavernsummer, John Wise, City Tavern, ice well, ice cream
06/03/2021"Female Impersonators" entertain at the Capitol TheatreQueen St, 1101Capitol TheatreAfrican American theatre, LGBTQ+
05/27/2021From Grantville to Petersburg to The Berg  African American neighborhood, The Berg. Earl Lloyd
05/20/2021  Uptown: From 1796 Platt to National Historic District     African American neighborhood, Uptown, Parker-Gray Historic District
05/13/2021 'Colored Rosemont'     African American neighborhood, Colored Rosemont, Lincoln Lodge, 1352 Madison St
05/06/2021 The Fort: Out of the Civil War and back again Braddock Rd, W, 4301 Fort Ward African American neighborhood, The Fort
04/29/2021 Hayti: One of Alexandria's first African American neighborhoods Royal St, S   African American neighborhood, Hayti, George Seaton
04/15/2021 Alexandria's first vaccine drive     Public Health, vaccination, rabies
04/08/2021 The forgotten ubiquity of the Zouaves     Civil War 
04/01/2020 The first Daylight Savings Time      
03/25/2021 Women’s History Month and preserving historic Alexandria
    Annie B. Rose, Rebecca Ramsey Reese, Women's history, historic preservation
03/18/2021 Oral Histories during Women's History Month     Oral History, Women's history
03/11/2021 Hannah Griffith: the making of a businesswoman (Part II) Royal St, N 134 Gadsby's Tavern Women's history, Alexandria Coffee-House
03/04/2021 Hannah Griffith: the making of a businesswoman (Part I) Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern Women's history, Alexandria Coffee-House, "deputy husband"

Preserving the present: Documenting the City's response to the killing of George Floyd

Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum African American, racial equity, Black Lives Remembered Collection, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Historic Alexandria Collections Online
02/18/2021 A jolly evening with the general at Duvall's Tavern Cameron St, 305 Duvall's Tavern  George Washington
02/11/2021 Celebrating an Alexandria Legacy: Ben Holt Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum African American musician, opera, Black History Month, museum collection
02/04/2021 Travel guides for safe motoring Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum
Green Book, Moss Kendrix, African American, tourism, museum collection, Black History Month
01/28/2021 The presidents and the George Washington Masonic Memorial Callahan Drive 101 George Washington Masonic National Memorial Calvin Coolidge
01/21/2021 The day the grandstand collapsed on a U.S. president     Rutherford B. Hayes, Birthnight
01/14/2021 The Moss Kendrix Collection at the Black History Museum Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum Moss Kendrix, advertising, archives, conservation 
01/07/2021 From Alexandria to the White House Crown View Drive, 514 Gerald Ford residence Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, president
12/24/2020 Commercialization of Christmas in Alexandria     Holiday, Alexandria Gazette 
12/17/2020  Advent and Alexandria     Advent, Christmas, holidays
12/10/2020 Hanukkah in 20th Century Alexandria     Hanukkah, holidays, Jewish
11/26/2020 Thanksgiving's grudging acceptance in Alexandria     Thanksgiving
11/19/2020 Popular science, fall weather and Alexandria     weather, barometers, Gazette, Lardner
11/12/2020 Alexandria's uneven relationship with baseball King St at Commonwealth Baggett Field Civil War, sports
11/05/2020 The Veterans Reserve Corps Braddock Rd, W, 4301 Fort Ward Museum Invalid Corps, Union Army, Civil War
10/22/2020 Pharmacy and the Stabler family Fairfax St, S. 105-7 Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum Pharmacy, business, Stabler, Hartshorne
10/15/2020 A closer look at the Black Baptist Cemetery Holland Lane, 500 African American Heritage Park African American, cemetery, Shiloh, Mann
10/08/2020 Fire Prevention Week and Alexandria Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Museum  NFPA, fire fighting, City Hall 
10/01/2020 An Introduction to Casa Chirilagua -- Part 2   Case Chirilagua El Salvador, Chirilagua, Arlandria
09/24/2020 An introduction to Casa Chirilagua   Casa Chirilagua El Salvador, Chirilagua, Arlandria
09/17/2020 City Hall's last century King St, 301 City Hall Architecture, renovation
08/27/2020 The student-athletes of Parker-Gray High School Madison St, 1207  Parker-Gray School African American education, segregation, athletes, basketball, Alexandria African American Hall of Fame
08/20/2020 Parker-Gray schools: elementary, middle and high (part 2) Madison St, 1207 Parker-Gray School African American education, segregation
08/13/2020 Parker-Gray schools: elementary, middle and high (part 1) Madison St, 1207 Parker-Gray School African American education, segregation
08/06/2020 Benjamin Thomas and Emmett Till     African American, Benjamin Thomas, Emmett Till, lynching, Equal Justice Initiative, racial equity, by Percy White
07/30/2020 The Lyceum, Reopened Again Washington St, S, 201 Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum Lyceum, renovations 
07/23/2020 Civil War PPE     Civil War, armored vest
07/16/2020 The early days of bicycles in Alexandria     Bicycles, bike, recreation, transportation, clothing, advertisements, Alexandria Gazette 
07/09/2020  Alexandria's first museum King St, 301 City Hall Alexandria Washington Lodge, masonic, museum, Lyceum
07/02/2020 The French Quarter Cafe King St, 808 The French Quarter Cafe LGBTQ, liquor laws, lawsuit
06/25/2020 The remarkable visibility of Hannah Nokes     Transgender woman, African American, LGBTQ
06/18/2020 The Appomattox Washington St, S at Prince   Civil War, Confederate statue, United Daughters of the Confederacy
06/11/2020 The proud Alexandria resident     Bruce Scott, LGBTQ, Pride Month, labor law
05/28/2020 Parkfairfax: Alexandria's other 1940s treasure    Parkfairfax Nixon, Ford, National Historic District
05/21/2020 The Ramsey Homes: The two stories  Wythe St Ramsey Homes Public housing, African American Defense Workers, Fabcrete
05/14/2020 Two superstar architects and their buildings Union St., S; Quaker Lane N 514 Ford Plant, Goodman home  Albert Kahn, Charles Goodman
05/07/2020 The 'Green Book' in Alexandria Gibbon St, 724 and 803  J.T. Homes Tourist Home; J.A. Barrett Tourist Home  Green Book, segregation, travel, African American history 
04/30/2020 The Robert H. Robinson Library Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum Library, Civil Rights, Segregation, African American History
04/23/2020 Alexandria's first documented lynching Cameron and Lee streets   African American history, Equal Justice Initiative, Alexandria Community Remembrance Project, Joseph McCoy, lynching
04/16/2020 Alexandria's early public transportation     Alexandria Passenger Railway company, horse-drawn cars, public transportation
04/09/2020 The Freedom House Museum Duke St, 1315 Freedom House Museum Slave Pen, Franklin & Armfield, African-American History, Historic Preservation
04/02/2020 'Wrought, Knit, Labors, Legacies' King St Waterfront Park Art, sculpture, African American
03/26/2020 #HistoricALX2U     Education, activities, at home
03/19/2020 St. Patrick's Day in Alexandria     Irish, parade, celebration
03/12/2020 Annie B. Rose served where needed     Annie B. Rose, African American, civic leader
03/05/2020 Honoring women of the Civil War     Civil War, women, soldiers, Red Cross,  
02/27/2020 George Washington's Birthday in Alexandria     Holiday, George Washington, Celebration
02/20/2020 Parker-Gray's NBA pioneer     African American, Earl Lloyd, Basketball
02/13/2020 Alexandria celebrates George Washington     Celebration, George Washington, parade, Gadsby's Tavern
02/06/2020 Moss Kendrix: pioneer, trailblazer, visionary     African American business, advertising
01/30/2020 Alexandria's postmaster and the American West     Nicolas Trist, postmaster, Westward expansion
01/23/2020 MLK Day is a day on not a day off     Martin Luther King, Jr., Lillian Patterson, Gwen Day-Fuller
01/16/2020 The George Washington Memorial Parkway Washington St The George Washington Memorial Parkway Transportation, highways 
01/09/2020 The bright lights of Alexandria, continued Mount Vernon Avenue, 1005 G.W. High School stadium President Kennedy, campaign rally
01/02/2020 The bright lights of Alexandria Mount Vernon Avenue, 1005  G.W. High School stadium Joe Namath, Kena Temple Shriner's Circus
12/19/2019 The Germans of Alexandria: part two King St, 518-524 
German immigration, Lutherans, Jews, Adam Lynn, Isaac Schwartz
12/12/2019 The history of Kwanzaa     Kwanzaa, holiday
12/5/2019 Saint Nicholas and German immigration to Alexandria 522-524 King Street   German immigration, Christmas
11/21/2019 Thanksgiving in Early Alexandria     Thanksgiving, holiday
11/14/2019 Alexandria and Cider     Cider Festival
11/07/2019 Civil War veteran's organizations Braddock Rd, W, 4301 Fort Ward Civil War, Grand Army of the Potomac, United Confederate Veterans
10/31/2019 That Pitt Street ghost again Pitt St, S 228 St. Paul's Churchyard Female Stranger, ghosts, Gadsby's Tavern
10/24/2019 A long history of healthcare firsts Washington St, S, 277
Alexandria Hospital  Health, hospital
10/17/2019 The Alexandria Stoneware Manufactory Wilkes St, 601 Wilkes Street Pottery Swann, Milburn, Smith, manufacturing, Jarbour
10/10/2019 The Sun Fire Company     Fire fighting, Friendship Fire Company
10/03/2019 Julio Duran: The role of Impacto     Hispanic Heritage Month, publisher 
09/26/2019 The Mount Vernon Cotton Factory, cont. Washington St, S, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Factory, industry, prohibition, Portner's Brewery
09/19/2019 The Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Washington St, S, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Factory, industry, Civil War
09/12/2019 The day the hurricane came to Alexandria     Weather, storm, disaster, Cedar Keys Hurricane, Third Baptist Church, 124 S. Fairfax St, 1896.
09/05/2019 All aboard at Alexandria Union Station Callahan Dr Union Station Railroad, transportation, historic preservation Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Southern Railway and Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. 
08/29/2019 Alexandria's role in the labor movement Oronoco St, 614 Lee-Fendall House John L. Lewis, AFL/CIO, labor, strike
08/22/2019 Before there was a Target at Potomac Yard
Potomac Yard  Alexandria and Washington Railroad, Transportation, Civil War
08/08/2019 The Equal Justice Initiative in Alexandria
  African American history, lynchings, Equal Justice Initiative, Joseph McCoy, Benjamin Thomas
08/01/2019 Alexandria and ice cream     Gadsby's Tavern Museum Ice Well, Louis Beeler, Christian Schafer, Brengle's Ice Cream Saloon, Bossart's Ice Cream Saloon
07/25/2019 Above the Apothecary: What the customers didn't see Fairfax St, S, 105-107 Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum  Pharmacy, historic preservation
07/18/2019 A look back at Alexandria's 200th birthday celebration Union St, S, 501 Windmill Hill Park Commemorations, Bicentennial, theatre, theater
0704/2019 Alexandria's July 4 celebrations     Warwick Village, Independence Day, Frank Hume
06/27/2019 Alexandria's Emancipation Day celebrations     Magnus L. Robinson, Juneteenth, African American, Black History
06/20/2019 Sullivan's Miracle Concrete Block Press Alexandria Ave, E, 205   Construction, residential, Del Ray, Slaymaker
06/13/2019 The Rodgers Suction Engine Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Museum Firefighting equipment
06/06/2019 Alexandria's Sister City Caen     D-Day, Normandy, France
05/30/2019 Prism, Prism: Light through a lens Washington St, S, 201 Alexandria's History Museum at The Lyceum Jones Point Lighthouse, Fresnel Lens
05/23/2019 A local family's involvement with Friendship Firehouse Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Museum E.E. Downham, Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Company, firefighting
05/16/2019 Historic Easements in Alexandria     Alexandria Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission
05/09/2019 The history behind Alexandria's Freedom House Duke St, 1315 Freedom House Museum African American, Slave Pen
05/02/2019 If walls could talk Prince St, 517 Murray-Dick-Fawcett House Historic Preservation
04/25/2019 Alexandria's Union Station, a historic hub  Callahan Drive Union Station Transportation, Railroad, National Register
04/18/2019 Powerful labor leader lived in Alexandria Oronoco St, 614 Lee-Fendall House John Lewis, United Mine Workers of America
04/11/2019 Phrenology at Lyceum Hall Washington St, S, 201 Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum Phineas T. Buell, Nelson Sizer, lectures, The Lyceum Company
04/04/2019 The 1858 Prettyman hose reel carriage Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Museum Firefighting, conservation

More than 20 years of baseball at Baggett’s Field

King St and Commonwealth Baggett's Field Baseball, recreation
03/21/2019 Alexandria's first woman registered voter Prince St, 907   Women's History, vote, suffrage, Dolly Peyton Shepperson
03/14/2019 Remembering two Alexandria trailblazers     Women's History, Vola Lawson, Patsy Ticer
03/07/2019 Virginia’s first Prince Hall Masonic Lodge
Oxford Ave, E Prince Hall Masonic Lodge African-American history, Hayti, S. Royal Street
2/28/2019 Remembering Eudora Lyles Fayette St, N   Parker-Gray High School, Inner-City Civic Association, urban renewal, housing issues, African-American history
2/21/2019 Columbia Firehouse St. Asaph St, S, 109  Columbia Firehouse Fire fighting
2/14/2019 Samuel Tucker's 1939 library sit-in Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum Robinson Library, Samuel Tucker, 1939 Sit-in
2/7/2019 The tradition of George Washington's Birthnight Ball Royal St, N, 134  Gadsby's Tavern Museum George Washington, Birthnight Ball, dancing, entertainment
1/31/2019 Alexandria was part of the sordid history of lynchings   Alexandria Black History Museum African American history, lynchings, EJI, Equal Justice Initiative, Joseph McCoy, Benjamin Thomas
1/24/2019 Novelty and attractions at the Lyceum Washington St, S, 201 Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum Magicians 
1/17/2019 Martin Luther King Day: Past to present Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum Martin Luther King
1/10/2019 The Alexandria Post Office: A history of more than stamps     Post office, Postmaster Daniel Bryan
1/3/2019 The romance of a stamp Prince St, 517 Murray-Dick-Fawcett House Philately, postage, James Wallace Hooff, Janett Brown
12/20/2018 Christmas and the Civil War     Christmas, Civil War, Harper's Weekly
12/13/2018 The Alexandria-Scotland Connection     Scotland, Dundee, Sister Cities
12/6/2018 "Our Alexandria" dollhouse collection offers glimpse at black history   Alexandria Black History Museum Dollhouses, black history 
11/29/2018 More about early movie theaters in Alexandria     Reed, Ingomar, Shirley-Duke, Foxchase, movies, cinema, theater
11/22/2018 Moving pictures in Alexandria: the early years     Reed, Ingomar, Nicholodeon, Richmond, movies, cinema, theater
11/15/2018 Early Thanksgiving in Alexandria     Thanksgiving
11/8/2018 An Alexandrian in France at the end of the Great War     World War I, Anna Lewis Jones, American Red Cross, nurse, Christmas
11/1/2018 The orphaned "doughboy" who found a home in Alexandria     World War I, Joseph Koffler, Jewish soldier, Koffler's Market, 529 Oronoco Street
10/25/2018 The Great Fire of Alexandria Royal St, S Green's Furniture Factory Fire fighting, 1827

The female stranger and her hold on Alexandria

Pitt St, S, 228 St. Paul's Churchyard Female Stranger, ghosts, Gadsby's Tavern
10/11/2018 Leadbeater Drug Corporation was a family business Fairfax St, S, 105-107 Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum Apothecary, pharmacy, John Leadbeater
10/04/2018 October is Archaeology Month     Archaeology, ships, waterfront
09/27/2018 The day that shook Alexandria     Earthquakes
09/20/2018 An early history of Alexandria's Waterfront   The Waterfront Prehistory, waterfront

America’s first protest singers: The Hutchinson Family

Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum Lyceum Hall, Music, Hutchinson Family

What I did this summer: Travelogues at the Lyceum

Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum The Lyceum Company, Lectures, travel
08/30/2018 Weather observations at the Alexandria Museum King St, 301 Market Square Alexandria museum, Mountford, Market Hall, weather
08/23/2018 A colonial garden: one-stop shopping Fairfax St, S, 121 Carlyle House Gardens, Carlyle House
08/16/2018 Alexandria's electric railway  
Transportation, railroad, Mount Vernon
08/09/2018 Collingwood Beach: an early African American resort    Collingwood Beach Frederick Douglass, African American, recreation
08/02/2018 Look Sharp: Uniforms of the Friendship Fire Company Alfred St, S, 107  Friendship Firehouse Fire company, uniforms
07/26/2018 A park fit for a president   George Washington Park Shuter's Hill, George Washington Masonic National Memorial, President Taft
07/19/2018 Wayne's three sisters Wayne Ave, 1405-1409 Cottage Park Del Ray, residential
07/12/2018  Get to know Del Ray Mount Vernon Ave, 2000-2008 John Carpenter's Stores Commercial, business 
07/05/2018 Jefferson, Hamilton and an Alexandria overnight stay Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern Thomas Jefferson, City Hotel
06/28/2018 Pistols and dressing gowns     Dueling, John Gadsby, John Randolph, Henry Clay
6/21/2018 Virginia barbecue: a slice of history     Barbecue, food
6/14/2018 Fort Ward: Preserving a local landmark Braddock Rd, W, 4301
Fort Ward Fort Ward, historic preservation
5/31/2018 Caring for masonry buildings     Masonry, historic preservation, building techniques
5/24/2018  Historic Alexandria, brick by brick      Masonry, historic preservation, building techniques 
5/10/2018 Our national historic landmarks     Christ Church, Gadsby's Tavern, George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Franklin and Armfield Office, Freedom House Museum, Gerald Ford House, historic preservation, Old Town
5/3/2018 National Register historic districts in Alexandria     Historic Districts, Historic Preservation, Rosemont, Fairlington, Parkfairfax, Old Town, Old and Historic District, Uptown/Parker-Gray, Town of Potomac
4/26/2018 Sprucing up The Lyceum Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum Renovation, historic preservation
4/18/2018 Women performing at The Lyceum Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum Entertainment, women, musicians
4/12/2018 Play ball: Evidence of baseball in 19th-century Alexandria King St, 300 and 500 blocks
Baseball, archaeology
4/5/2018 The saga of Belle the Houdini fire horse     Relief Hook and Ladder company, fire fighting, fire company
3/29/2018 Matriarchal Mysteries: The Carlyle House Fairfax St, N, 121 Carlyle House Sarah "Sally" Fairfax, African-American
3/22/2018 Julia Wheelock: teacher, sister, nurse, author Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum Civil War hospital, women's history
3/15/2018 Reese led early preservation efforts Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern Historic preservation, Gadsby's Tavern Museum, Ramsay House, Christ Church, Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum, Rebecca Ramsay Reese, women's history
3/8/2018 "Nation's first woman lawyer" lived in Alexandria     Margaret Brent, women's history

Alexandrian Charles Freemont West: sports hero and doctor

    African American, sports, football, medicine 
2/22/2018 The Washington Birthnight Ball, for George in Perpetuity Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern George Washington, Birthnight Ball
2/15/2018 Origins of an Alexandria Tradition Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern George Washington, Birthnight Ball
2/8/2018 Alexandria's Own: Magnus Robinson     Black History, African American, education, The National Leader, The Weekly Leader
2/1/2018 The Presidents' Day storm of 1979     Storm, Snow
1/25/2018 Alexandria's ice well was a cutting edge amenity Royal St, N, 134  Gadsby's Tavern Museum Ice, City Tavern
1/18/2018 Thomas Jefferson's 1801 Inauguration Royal St, N,134 Gadsby's Tavern Museum Charles Simms
1/11/2018 The history behind celebrating MLK in Alexandria Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum Martin Luther King, Jr;  African American, Black History Month
1/4/2018 Alexandria Canal culvert St Asaph St, N ,900 block Alexandria Canal Spa Spring, canal
12/21/2017 A Christmas evolution     Christmas, advertising, commerce
12/14/2017 A look back at Christmas in the 1920s     Christmas
11/16/2017 The origins of the Dixie Pig restaurant Powhatan St Dixie Pig Restaurant
11/09/2017 The origins of Alexandria     John Alexander, Belhaven
10/26/2017 When Old Town had numerous factories
Queen St, between Lee and Union Field Lumber Yard  factory, business
10/19/2017 Flooding in Alexandria, Past and Present   Potomac flood, storm, disaster, Hunting Creek, waterfront
09/28/2017 Soldiers Rest compound formed a small Civil War city Duke St and Fayette St Soldiers Rest Civil War
09/21/2017 Mount Ida property served as residence, convent and school Russell Rd Mt Ida Housing convent, school, education
09/14/2017 Carr's innovations at Yates Gardens Royal St, S Yates Gardens Housing, architecture, Carr, development
08/31/2017 Interior influences at Yates Gardens Royal St, S Yates Gardens Housing, architecture, Carr, development, interior design
08/24/2017 Yates Gardens developer was a typesetter turned builder Royal St, S Yates Gardens Housing, architecture, Carr, development
08/17/2017 Yates Gardens design and cohesiveness were carefully planned
Royal St, S Yates Gardens Housing, architecture, Carr, development
08/10/2017 Yates Gardens dates to Yeates the gardener Royal St, S Yates Gardens Housing, gardens, Civil War, development
07/27/2017 Robert Townsend Hooe Warehouse and Store Duke St, 2 Hooe Warehouse Robinson Terminal South, archaeology
07/13/2017 Athenaeum has a long and varied history Prince St, 201 Athenaeum Bank of the Old Dominion, Civil War hospital
07/06/2017 The discovery on Gibbon Street Gibbon St at S Pitt St   Municipal fire well, cistern, water pump
06/29/2017 Janney's invention saved lives of rail yard workers     Eli Janney, rail yard
06/15/2017 Ramsay House finally becomes city's visitor center King St, 221 Ramsay House Historic preservation
06/08/2017 Preservation in Alexandria gets off to a slow start King St, 221 Ramsay House  Historic preservation
06/01/2017 Alexandria's first foray into preservation King St, 221 Ramsay House Historic preservation
05/18/2017 Historic tree located in Old Town Washington St, N, 220 Lloyd House Tree
05/11/2017 Alexandria cotton mill that became a Civil War torture chamber Washington St, N, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Mill Civil War, prison
05/04/2017 Union seized and used churches as Civil War hospitals based on ideology
Washington St, S, 115 Washington Street Methodist Church Hospital Civil War, Union Hospitals, church
04/27/2017 Revisiting another Civil War era hospital King St, 622-626 Washington Hall Hospital Civil War, Union Hospitals
04/13/2017 Hallowell Hospital utilized during Civil War Washington St, N, 200 block  Old Hallowell Hospital Civil War, Union Hospitals, Hallowell, school 
03/30/2017 Rebel homes, confiscated for Union wounded Washington St, N, 414 Grosvenor Hospital Civil War, Union hospitals, Lee-Fendall House
03/23/2017 Two homes key in Alexandria's Contraband history Washington St, S, 321-323 Contrabands Hospital Civil War, Union hospitals, Contrabands
03/16/2017 The Lyceum: From salon of learning to makeshift hospital Washington St, S, 201  The Lyceum Civil War, Union hospitals, Hallowell
03/09/2017 How a church became a Civil War hospital Washington St, S, 212 Downtown Baptist Church Civil War, Union hospitals, church
03/02/2017 The racial divide of local Civil War medicine Duke St, 1315 L'Ouverture Hospital Civil War, Union hospitals, medicine, African American, U.S. Colored Troops
02/23/2017 The little mysteries along Alexandria's streets
  Signs, plaques, downspouts
02/09/2017 A temporary bridge across the Potomac     World War II, Long Bridge, Marbury Point, North Old Town
01/26/2017 From D.C. jail to Alexandria slave bazaar St. Asaph St, N 401 Alexandria Jail Slavery, Anti-Slavery Society, abolition, Alexandria jail
01/19/2017 The center of Alexandria's slave trading operations Duke St, 1315 Franklin and Armfield Slave Pen Slavery, Anti-Slavery Society, abolition
01/12/2017 A key Potomac River slave trading port     Slavery, Anti-Slavery Society, abolition
01/05/2017 A 19th century society formed against slavery     Anti-Slavery Society, slavery, abolition
12/15/2016 A small slice of automotive history King St, 1100 Aero Chevrolet Car dealership, Camaro Z-28, Hugh Heishman
12/08/2016 The city's slow recovery after World War 1
  Great Depression, early 20th century, historic preservation, municipal improvements, 1935 aerial view of King Street
11/24/2016 The long road back to prosperity Washington St   Parade, Tercentennial, 150th anniversary
11/17/2016 World War II and redevelopment in the west Braddock Rd and King St Bradlee Shopping Center Menokin, Morven, Torthorwald, Shirley Highway, Fairlington, Aerial photo
11/10/2016 A view of Alexandria's crossroads Braddock Rd and King St  Bradlee Shopping Center Aerial photo, King Street, Braddock Road, Quaker Lane, Seminary Road, Annexation, Fairlington, Menokin, Cassius Lee, Episcopal High School, Rosenwald school, Oakland Baptist Church, Minnie Howard School, T.C. Williams High School, Bradlee Shopping Center
10/27/2016 The Port City takes its moniker as downtown takes shape     1748 map, tobacco warehouse, Ralph's Gut, Rolling Road
10/20/2016 A growing city's growing water supply St. Asaph St, N, 107 Alexandria Water Company Public health, water supply
10/13/2016 Alexandria's favorite son takes the oath of office Washington S, N, 118 Christ Church George Washington, inauguration, Friendship Fire Company
10/06/2016 Another 19th century city panorama     Map, panorama, Palmatary, Lee Corner, Mount Vernon Cotton Mill, Lee-Fendall House
09/29/2016 A Civil War landmark destroyed by fire

King St and S Pitt

Marshall House Hotel Civil War, Ellsworth, Jackson, fire
09/22/2016 Multimodal transportation in 20th century Alexandria     Transportation, George Washington Memorial Parkway, car barn, railroad
09/08/2016 The expansion west and its impact on street names     Street names
09/01/2016 What's in a street name?     Street names
08/25/2016 Getting streets ahead on city planning  
1748 plat map, street names
08/04/2016 A fine home with a long history Duke St, 601 Dulaney House Residence, architecture, Benjamin Dulaney
07/21/2016 A tavern and bath house ahead of its time Cameron St, 405   Tavern, bath house, Thomas Shields, Frederick Shuck
2016/07/07 When Alexandria had a jockey club Franklin St, 814 Jockey club Sports, horse racing, race track, Gadsby's Tavern, John Carlyle, Elisha Cullen Dick, George Washington
2016/06/30 A multipurpose City Hall for an evolving city King St, 301 City Hall Adolf Cluss, Architect

The city almshouse that became a baseball field

Monroe Ave Simpson Field Maskell C. Ewing map, Almshouse, Simpson Field 
2016/06/16 The south of the city starts to grow      Maskell C. Ewing map

All roads lead to, and around, Alexandria

    Maskell C. Ewing map, roads, transportation 
2016/06/02 The “Red Architect” and his role shaping City Hall
King St, 301  City Hall  Adolf Cluss, Architect
2016/05/26 Alexandria struggles as part of the nation’s capital 
    Maskell C. Ewing map, Alexandria Canal, Retrocession
2016/05/19 A photographic documentation of Jones Point’s evolution
  Jones Point, Virginia Shipyard Virginia Shipbuilding Company, waterfront, George William Harris, Martha Ewing, Photography, Gunston Hall, Betsy Bell
2016/05/12  A local photographer who started young   Jones Point, Virginia Shipyard Virginia Shipyard, waterfront, George William Harris, Photography 
2016/05/05 A World War 1 era photographic documentation of the city
  Jones Point, Virginia Shipyard Virginia Shipyard, waterfront, Andrew J. Russell, Francis Benjamin Johnston, Harris and Ewing, Photography
2016/04/28 Gone from the city, but not forgotten
    James O'Leary, waterfront
2016/04/21 A notable waterfront family has an impact on the Port City     James O'Leary, waterfront, The Chicago, The Reliant
2016/04/14 Old habits die hard in post-Civil War Alexandria Royal St, S, 404 George Seaton House Civil War, Reconstruction, African American, Contrabands, George Seaton
2016/04/07 The effects of emancipation in Alexandria     Civil War, Reconstruction, voting, African American
2016/03/31 The struggle begins for post-Civil War freedoms     Civil War, Reconstruction, African American
2016/03/24 Civil War heralded a shift in Alexandria's societal norms King St, 400 block   Civil War, Reconstruction, African American
2016/03/17 A post-Civil War population explosion     Reconstruction, Civil War, Contrabands, Freedmen's Bureau, African American
2016/03/10 Alexandrians struggled before and after the war Union St, S   Reconstruction, Civil War, waterfront warehouses

Some of those who helped rebuild the city's economy 

  Portner's Brewery, Warfield's Drugstore 
Robert Portner, Edgar Warfield, Reconstruction, Civil War
2016/02/24 The economic recovery from Civil War begins     Civil War, Reconstruction, Gen. John Schofield
2016/02/17 An occupied city and the misfortunes of war Fairfax St, 121 N Mansion House Hospital Civil War, Occupation, James Green
2016/02/11 From Del Ray to Monterey Pop     The Mamas and the Papas

Two Port City musicians with flowers in their hair

    The Mamas and the Papas, Scott McKenzie, Philip Blondheim 
2016/01/28 At GW High School, some California dreamin’
Commonwealth Ave, 1520   Mama Cass, The Mamas and the Papas, George Washington High School
2016/01/21 From grand old homestead to local bank Duke St, 700   Jonathan Janney
2016/01/14 Before the Doors, and possibly after  Mt Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School Jim Morrison, The Doors
2016/01/07 Jim Morrison and the Alexandria Arena St Asaph St, 801 N Alexandria Arena Roller Rink, Jim Morrison, The Doors
2015/12/17 A look to the north of Civil War Alexandria     Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View, Civil War
2015/12/10 A commemoration of the 1855 fire King St, 100 block Dowell China Shop Fire, Friendship Firehouse
2015/12/03 The fight for property rights after the Civil War     Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View, Francis L. Smith, Freedmen's Cemetery, Arlington Cemetery, Lee-Custis Mansion, Arlington House
2015/11/26 A blessing and a meal with a future pope     Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant, Parkfairfax
2015/11/19 The firehouse steeple brought down by weather
Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View, architect Robert Mills
2015/11/12 The German descent upon Alexandria King St
  Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View, Civil War, German immigration
2015/11/05 A Civil War print of the Union-occupied city   Market Square  Marshall House, Civil War, Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View
2015/10/29 Alexandria’s Evolution as Seen by an Illustrator
    Charles Magnus, Bird's Eye View, Civil War
2015/10/22 A hotel important in peace and war Fairfax St, N, 121 Carlyle House Founding of Alexandria, French and Indian War, Civil War 
2015/10/15 The Civil War's beginnings in Alexandria Callahan Dr, 101 Shuter's Hill Fort Ellsworth, Civil War
2015/10/08 The desire for streetcars in Alexandria
Del Ray Del Ray, street car, transportation
2015/10/01 Del Ray's love of cookie-cutter homes DeWitt Ave, 2707  Emmanuel Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church Del Ray, Churches 
2015/09/24 The growth of education in Del Ray Mount Vernon Ave Mount Vernon School Del Ray, George Washington High School, education
2015/09/17 City growth brings a need for city education Mount Vernon Ave Mount Vernon School Del Ray, St. Elmo, education
2015/09/10 New roadways to a new capitol city Mount Vernon Ave Del Ray St. Elmo, street car suburb
2015/09/03 The West End finally joins Alexandria
Duke St  West End West End neighborhood, annexation
2015/08/27 The wild West End Duke St West End West End neighborhood
2015/08/20 The road to Alexandria's commercial success Commerce St Ting Moi Laundry Building Business
2015/08/13 From military barracks to an unsanitary military hospital Callahan Dr, 101 Shuter's Hill Slough Barracks, Civil War hospital
2015/08/06 The West End emerges West End West End West End neighborhood
2015/07/30 The history of Alexandria's own beef industry King St Hooff's Meadow Slaughterhouse
2015/07/23 The West Family and the city's West End West End West End West End neighborhood
2015/07/16 A gem of a house on Prince Street Prince St, 517 Fawcett-Murray-Dick House Residential
2015/07/09 A renovated City Hall for expanding city services King St, 301 City Hall City Hall in the 1960s
2015/07/02 Expansion of City Hall to reflect changing uses in new century King St, 301 City Hall City Hall in 1907
2015/06/25 City Hall, but not as we know it King St, 301 City Hall City Hall
2015/06/11 A Masonic influence at City Hall King St, 301 City Hall Architect Adolf Cluss
2015/05/28 Rebuilding the devastated City Hall King St, 301 City Hall Market House
2015/05/21 A devastating fire brings sweeping changes King St, 301 City Hall Market Square, fire
2015/05/14 The Port City's first seat of government King St, 301 City Hall Latrobe, Court House, City Hall
2015/05/07 The origins of Alexandria's most famous building King St, 301 City Hall 1749 map, Market Square
2015/04/30 A dyed-in-the-wool Alexandrian King St, 400-402 Gregory Buildings Urban renewal
2015/04/23 The local origin story of Robert E. Lee Cameron St, 611 General Henry Lee House Robert E. Lee, Henry Lee
2015/04/16 A city decimated by the Civil War Duke St, 1000 Rail Barns Civil War, railroad
2015/04/09 A model Alexandrian for the Model T coupe     Ford Motor Company, Ramey
2015/04/02 A temporary home for a revolutionary hero St. Asaph St, S, 301 Lawrason House Lafayette
2015/03/26 A Civil War photographer who died in destitution   Waterfront Civil War, photography, James F. Gibson
2015/03/19 The evolution of Volusia from the Civil War into the 20th century Duke St Volusia Civil War, Aerial photograph 1937, Felix Richards
2015/03/12 Amidst the hustle and bustle, a piece of Civil War history Duke St Volusia Civil War, Aerial photograph 1937, Felix Richards
2015/03/05 A replacement bridge over the Potomac Capital Beltway Wilson Bridge Roads
2015/02/19 Concrete solutions to growing traffic congestion George Washington Memorial Parkway   Roads
2015/02/12 A direct route to George Washington's home George Washington Memorial Parkway   Roads
2015/02/05 All dried up   Cameron Run Hunting Creek
2015/01/29 Finding the right location for the Port City     Map
2015/01/15 Expanding power for an expanding city Slaters Lane Potomac Electric Power Company Public utility
2015/01/08 A historic property with a bright future Washington St, N, 329 Old Leadbeater House Residence
2014/12/18 A part of the Port City is relocated to New York City Royal St, N, 134 Gadsby's Tavern Aerial photography, 1919, Gadsby's Tavern Museum
2014/12/11 A vital waterfront property in peace and war Union St, N, 105 Torpedo Factory Aerial photograph, 1919, Alexandria Naval Torpedo Station
2014/12/04 The long history of Lloyd House Washington St, N, 201 Lloyd House Aerial photograph, 1919, Lloyd House
2014/11/20 A home for Alexandria's criminals St Asaph St at Princess St Alexandria Jail Aerial photograph, 1919, Alexandria Jail
2014/11/13 Taking inventory of Market Square King St, 301 Market Square Aerial photograph, 1919, Market Square
2014/11/06 Viewing the Port City from on high     Aerial photograph, 1919
2014/10/30 A place for the wounded in Civil War Alexandria Pendleton St at N. Payne St Sickel Hospital Civil War, Photography
2014/10/23 Rolling on the river Union St Railroad Wharf Civil War, Photography
2014/10/16 The true cost of war Wilkes St Alexandria National Cemetery Civil War, Photography
2014/10/09 Photography on the front lines   Government Hay Barns Civil War, Photography
2014/10/02 A view of war Princess at N. Lee St U.S. Fire Department Civil War, Photography
2014/09/25 A tailored piece of property on South Royal Street Royal St, S, 113   Urban renewal
2014/09/18 Under a football field, a reminder of Alexandria's past Mount Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School Bicentennial
2014/09/11 Forming one of Alexandria's most iconic parkways Washington St   Roads
2014/09/04 Dedication of memorial marks end of long journey for cemetery Washington St, S, at Church St Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial African American history
2014/08/28 Remembering the British invasion of Alexandria     War of 1812
2014/08/21 An unlocked corner of Alexandria's history Washington St, S, 520 Demaine's Funeral Home Funeral home
2014/08/14 The evolution of Market Square King St, 301 Market Square Urban renewal
2014/08/07 A military mansion St. Asaph St, S, 209 Slough Headquarters Civil War
2014/07/31 The short golden age of streetcars Franklin St at S. Royal St   Streetcars
2014/07/24 Levity in a time of war Lee St at Franklin St Battery Rodgers Civil War
2014/07/17 A bland building with rich commercial history King St, 420 Samuel Miller Building Urban renewal
2014/07/10 From Russia with love     Civil War, Russian frigate
2014/07/03 A long time home for man's best friend Oronoco St, 614 Lee-Fendall House Museum
2014/06/26 King Street's victims of urban renewal King St, 416-418 The Kennedy Buildings Urban renewal
2014/06/19 Local railroad tycoon once set sail, sort of Jones Point Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation Shipbuilding
2014/06/12 Friendship Fire Company's suction pump Alfred St, S, 109 Friendship Firehouse Museum Museum, Firehouse
2014/06/05 The many transformations of the Alexandria High School Columbus St, S, 218 St. John's Academy School
2014/05/29 A place of learning and a place of healing Queen St, 601-603 Brockett School, Queen Street Hospital Civil War Hospital; School
2014/05/22 A building where a President and Chief Justice once stood Fairfax St, N, 200 Wise's Tavern Tavern
2014/05/15 Capitol Theatre once served as sole black movie theatre Queen St, 1101 Capitol Theatre Theater; African American
2014/05/08 From opulent home to military hospital and back again Wolfe St, 510 Wolfe Street Hospital Civil War Hospital
2014/05/01 A dyed-in the wool Alexandrian King St, 400-402 Gregory Buildings Urban renewal
2014/04/24 From cutting edge to obsolete in a decade: Hotel George Mason Washington St, S, at Prince, NE corner Hotel George Mason Hotel
2014/04/17 The road to Alexandria's commercial success Commerce St Ting Moi Laundry Building Business
2014/04/10 When Johnny Bull came to town     War of 1812
2014/04/03 Alexandria's role in the Poor People's Campaign     Civil Rights
2014/03/27 A Port City suffragette     Suffragist, Caroline Hallowell Miller
2014/03/20 Alexandria's Invincible woman Seminary Rd at N. Howard Vaucluse Civil War, Constance Fairfax Cary Harrison
2014/03/13 A champion of Alexandria's most underserved residents     Civil Rights, Annie B. Rose
2014/03/06 The first lady of Alexandria Crown View Drive, 514 Gerald Ford House Betty Ford
2014/02/27 Admiring the determination of black refugees in Civil War-era Alexandria Washington St, S, at Church St Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial African American history
2014/02/20 Recalling the final resting place for escaped slaves Washington St, S, at Church St Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial African American history
2014/02/13 What happened to one of Washington's local watering holes? King St, 301 Arell's Tavern Tavern
2014/02/06 The house that George didn't build Cameron St, 508 George Washington Townhouse Residence
2014/01/30 A victim of urban renewal King St, 503-507 First National Bank Urban renewal
2014/01/23 Tracing the history of the 'Gilpin Map'     Map
2014/01/16 Odd Fellows Hall served as Alexandria's rationing headquarters during WWII Columbus St, N, 218 Odd Fellows Hall Club
2014/01/09 A church for presidents Washington St, N, 118 Christ Church Church
2013/12/26 King Street at Christmastime King St   King Street
2013/12/19 Looking at the history of the Janney House Duke St, 404 Janney House Residence
2013/12/05 From rural to urban: the West End's rapid transformation Shirley Highway   Roads
2013/11/26 National Fruit Product Co. goes up in flames Wythe St, 1100 block National Fruit Product Company Business
2013/11/21 Tracing the rise of Alfred Street Baptist Church Alfred St, S, 301 Alfred Street Baptist Church Church, African American
2013/11/14 How the Civil War paved the way for Beulah Baptist Church Washington St, S, 320 Beulah Baptist Church Church, African American
2013/11/07 Notorious local slave dealer had hand in Solomon Northup's kidnapping Duke St, 1315 Alexandria Slave Pen African American history, Slavery
2013/10/31 King Street of yesteryear King St, 600 block   King Street
2013/10/24 The silent sentinel of North Washington Street Washington St, N, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Business
2013/10/17 A city home to architecture of 'no equal' Prince Street, 100 and 200 blocks   Residence
2013/10/10 Alexandria's lost oasis Washington St, S Broomilaw Point Parks
2013/10/03 Unique example of architecture sacrificed for urban renewal King St, 312   Urban renewal
2013/09/26 The real-life Long John Silver Swift's Alley   Pirate
2013/09/19 The long road to public use for The Lyceum Washington St, S, 201 The Lyceum: Alexandria's History Museum Museum, Civil War Hospital
2013/09/12 How a bank building became a hotel and Civil War hospital Fairfax St, N, 133 Bank of Alexandria Civil War Hospital; bank; hotel
2013/09/05 City's first mayor considered Washington a close friend Prince St, 200 Robert Townsend Hooe House Residence
2013/08/29 Prominent resident hit hard by Panic of 1819 King St, 532 Adam Lynn, Jr. Silver Shop Silversmith
2013/08/22 The rise and fall of an early Alexandrian King St., 518-520 Adam Lynn, Jr. House Residence
2013/08/15 Storied stadium wasn't always a ball field Monroe Ave, E, 426 Eugene Simpson Memorial Stadium Parks
2013/08/08 Return to 'The Blue Door' Wolfe St, 708   Residence
2013/08/01 New Woman' captures city's historic buildings Wolfe St, 708   Photography
2013/07/25 Post-war shopping center gave Arlandria its name Mount Vernon Ave at S. Glebe Arlandria Shopping Center Retail
2013/07/18 From paperboy to politician Fairfax St, S, 111 James Randall Caton House Residence
2013/07/10 Testing facility led the way to railway improvements Henry St, S, 409 Southern Railway System Headquarters Railroad
2013/07/03 Got milk? Alexandria did Pitt, N, at Princess Alexandria Dairy Business
2013/06/27 Home of early mayor saved just in the nick of time Pitt St, S, 700 Taylor-Fraser House Residence
2013/06/20 Innovative school served local black students Washington St, S, 418 Lancastrian School School, African American
2013/06/13 Towering ode to first president finally completed Callahan Dr, 101 George Washington Masonic National Memorial Museum
2013/06/06 Alexandria's tribute to George Washington takes shape Callahan Dr, 101 George Washington Masonic National Memorial Museum
2013/05/30 After devastating fire, Alexandria's Masons rebuild in grand fashion Callahan Dr, 101 George Washington Masonic National Memorial Museum
2013/05/23 After the war, Alexandrians flocked to shopping centers Powhatan St Powhatan Shopping Center Retail
2013/05/16 Curtains closed on Virginia Theatre after 29-year run First St, 601 Virginia Theatre Theater
2013/05/09 Del Ray's one-time love of cookie-cutter homes DeWitte Ave, 2707 Emmanuel Temple Church
2013/05/02 Bidding adieu to Vaucluse Seminary Rd at N. Howard Vaucluse Residence
2013/04/27 Alexandria architect leaves his mark Quaker Lane, N, 514 Charles Goodman House Residence
2013/04/18 The Old Club served up fine dining in a city hungry for choices Washington St, S, 555 Old Club Restaurant
2013/04/11 From trash to ash Payne St, S, 801 Incinerator Public building
2013/04/04 Tracking the history of Alexandria Union Station Callahan Dr, 110 Union Station Railroad
2013/03/28 HoJo's made inroads in Alexandria for a time Washington St, N, 825 Howard Johnson's Restaurant
2013/03/21 Early fast-food joints made North Washington Street home Washington St, N, 828 Little Tavern Restaurant
2013/03/14 When polar bears overlooked North Washington Street Washington St, N, 901 Beck's Frozen Custard Restaurant
2013/03/07 Before hotels, magnate dabbled in restaurants Washington St, N, 905 Hot Shoppes Restaurant
2013/02/28 Alexandria's descent into the slave trade Duke St, 1707 Bruin Slave Pen African American history; Slavery
2013/02/21 Port City's short-lived bid to become 'children's capitol of the nation' Jones Point   Parks
2013/02/14 The mysterious origins of the seminary post office Seminary Rd, 3737 Seminary Road Post Office Public building
2013/02/07 Love blossoms on Lee Corner Princess St, 607   Lee
2013/01/31 Life with the Lees Princess St, 609   Lee
2013/01/24 From byway to highway Shirley Highway   Roads
2013/01/17 Highway project fueled West End early development Shirley Highway   Roads
2013/01/10 A jack of all trades Washington St, N, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Business
2013/01/03 Storied home lost in 1960s urban renewal Royal St, S, 109   Urban renewal
2012/12/20 When ‘Broadway Joe’ came to town Mount Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School Joe Namath, Football
2012/12/13 An Alexandrian's day of infamy     World War II
2012/12/06 Lloyd House becomes home to Alexandria's history Washington St, N, 220 The Lloyd House Residence
2012/11/29 'George Washington Bathed Here!' Washington St, N, 220 The Lloyd House Residence
2012/11/22 Old Town home's similarity to Gadsby's Tavern no surprise Washington St, N, 220 The Lloyd House Residence
2012/11/15 California dreamin' rock stars once called Alexandria home Mount Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School School
2012/11/08 Old Town home housed several notable residents King St And N Washington St John Gordon House Residence
2012/11/01 Calling all Alexandrians Mount Vernon Ave, 1306 C&P Telephone Building Business
2012/10/25 Historic photograph captures the signs of the time King St, 300 block, north side   Urban Renewal
2012/10/18 When 'Carpenter Gothic' was the rage in Alexandria Prince St and S Washington St   Architecture, residence
2012/10/11 Old Town fountain didn't hold water with residents Cameron St and N Royal St   Fountain
2012/10/04 From Confederate soldier to prosperous shopkeeper King St and N Pitt St Warfield Building Shopping
2012/09/27 Edmund Jennings Lee House Washington St, N,426 Edmund Jennings Lee House Residence
2012/09/20 There were lords among us in Alexandria Cameron St, 607 The Lord Fairfax House Residence
2012/09/13 Savvy marketing to a motorized society Patrick St, S, 701 Gateway Market Shopping
2012/09/06 Funerals, jockeys, horses and George Washington Franklin St, 815 Alexandria Jockey Club Social club
2012/08/30 The parkway that never was     Roads
2012/08/23 The magnificence of First and Citizens Bank National Bank King St and S Saint Asaph St First and Citizens National Bank Bank
2012/08/16 Home to one of Edward R. Murrow's 'boys' Pegram St, N, 1226 Eric Severeid House Residence, Severeid
2012/08/09 The Union Army's bread and butter Princess St and S Fayette St   Civil War, bakery
2012/08/02 Friendship Fire Co. celebrates 238-year anniversary Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Museum Fire fighting
2012/07/26 Alexandria's floral companies in full bloom Fayette St, N, 114   Business
2012/07/19 Summering with the Washingtons -- yes, those Washingtons Franklin St Arch Hall Residence
2012/07/12 Next-door neighbors and nothing alike King St, 322-324   Architecture
2012/07/05 A home's history at 213 S. Pitt St. Pitt St, 213   Residence
2012/06/28 Child labor laws were too late for Alexandria Glass employees Montgomery St Alexandria Glass Company Child labor
2012/06/21 Stockades built by escaped slaves bolstered Union cause Duke St   Civil War
2012/06/14 Silver shop shined and then faded in downtown King St, 318   Silversmith, John Adam
2012/06/07 The life and lessons of the Alexandria Academy Washington St, N, 311 Alexandria Academy School
2012/05/31 Duke Street home witnessed city's booms and busts Duke St, 210 Dr Craik House Residence, Dr. Craik
2012/05/24 Painting the history of a hard-nosed union leader Oronoco St, 614 Lee-Fendall House John Lewis, union leader
2012/05/17 The Royal: Alexandria's informal seat of power for more than a century Royal St, N, 109 The Royal Restaurant Restaurant
2012/05/10 Explore Huntley Meadows Park, a former Mason home Harrison Lane, 6918 Historic Huntley (Fairfax County) Residence, Mason
2012/05/03 AAA historic signs point back to the early motoring craze Wolfe St, 500 block   Roads
2012/04/26 The Woodrow Wilson Bridge: What's in a name?   Woodrow Wilson Bridge Roads
2012/04/19 Cassius Lee's summer home found itself at center of war Braddock Rd and King St Menokin Residence, Lee
2012/04/12 The USS Alexandria: from seaworthy to scrap metal     USS Alexandria, shipbuilding
2012/04/05 Timberman's Drug Store Washington St, N, 106 Timberman's Drug Store Shopping
2012/03/29 Hayman's anchored the fashion hub of Northern Virginia King St, 526-530 Hayman's Department Store Shopping
2012/03/22 The history of Hunting Towers on the Potomac's banks Washington St, S, 1200-1204 Hunting Towers Apartment building
2012/03/15 The mysterious '57' monument Wheeler Ave, north side   Monument
2012/03/08 Strawberry fields, but not forever Duke St and Fendall Ave Strawberry Hill Residence
2012/03/01 Establishing Ivy Hill Cemetery King St, 2823 Ivy Hill Cemetery Cemetery
2012/02/23 The 'megastructure' at Northern Virginia Community College Beauregard St, N Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus School
2012/02/16 Where's the beef? On the corner of Cameron and Henry Cameron St and N Henry St Armour Meat Plant Industry
2012/02/09 The Swann-Daingerfield mansion along Prince Street Prince St., 706 Swann-Daingerfield House Residence
2012/02/02 Before a private residence, 415 Prince St. headquartered a wartime government Prince St, 415 Bank of Potomac Bank
2012/01/26 Montgomery Ward and the ‘Spirit of Progress’ King St, 906-908 Montgomery Ward Department Store Shopping
2012/01/19 Before CVS and Diversions: Fairlington Centre in 1950 Quaker Lane, N and Fern St Fairlington Centre Shopping
2012/01/12 Stale beer: Alexandria's sudsy history Duke St, west of Diagonal Rd Shuter's Hill Brewery Brewery, Shuter's Hill
2012/01/05 The Hugo Black House Lee St, S, 619 Hugo Black House Residence, Hugo Black
2011/12/22 Meigs Lodge and the Alexandria National Cemetery Wilkes St, 1450 Meigs Lodge Civil War, cemetery
2011/12/15 An 'unusually attractive' art deco structure on Washington Street Washington St, S, at Prince St Virginia Public Service Co Architecture
2011/12/08 The order of the Knights of Pythias Cameron St, 319 Knights of Pythias Social club
2011/12/01 Hill House, aka Shadow House Washington St, S, 617 Hill House Shadow House
2011/11/22 Baggett Stadium, an early stage for local athletes King St, at Harvard St Baggett Stadium Sports, baseball
2011/11/17 Once the best place for thieves to make a buck (or several) King St, 320 Alexandria Pawnbrokers Shopping
2011/11/10 Ever wonder where Wonder Bread began? On Lee Street. Lee St, N, 200 block   Civil War, bakery
2011/11/03 When the police force got too big for its britches Pitt St, N, 400   Police
2011/10/27 Home, home on the Union's fortress Callahan Dr, 101 Fort Ellsworth Civil War, Shuter's Hill, George Washington National Masonic Memorial
2011/10/20 Tiny tots and busy bees Richards Lane and Malcolm Place   School
2011/10/13 Friendship and fires have gone hand in hand for 173 years  Alfred St, S, 107 Friendship Firehouse Firehouse
2011/10/06 Pave Harlow House, put up a parking lot Alfred St, N, 100 block Harlow House Residence
2011/09/29 The best fruit, 'segars' and military training around Duke St and S Columbus St, southeast corner St. John's Academy School
2011/09/22 The simple estate of a Confederate veteran and physician Fairfax St, S, 113-115 Bedford Brown Building Civil War
2011/09/15 Flooding is an old problem in Alexandria Four Mile Run Four Mile Run Flooding
2011/09/08 Reed Theater: from community venue to X-rated movie house King St, 1700 block Reed Theater Movie theater
2011/09/01 Torpedo Factory was Alexandria's foray into the defense industry Union St, N, 105 Torpedo Factory World War I, World War II
2011/08/25 Soldiers' Rest: a respite for troops of the Civil War Duke St Soldiers' Rest Civil War
2011/08/18 Iron mill ornamented the White House, Masonic Temple before becoming Safeway Royal St, S, 500 Alexandria Iron Works Industrial
2011/08/11 Shared Street, varied histories St. Asaph St, S, 209-211   Residence
2011/08/04 Zion Church's anti-establishment past Lee St, S, 714 Zion Church Church
2011/07/28 Old firehouse still provides community service Patrick St, N. 115 Reliance Fire Company Firehouse
2011/07/21 How sweet it is: from military HQ to bank to bakery King St, 520 Provost Marshal's Office Civil War
2011/07/14 Gerald and Betty Ford once called Alexandria home Crown View Drive, 514 Gerald R. Ford House President Ford, Betty Ford
2011/07/07 The Hydraulion Engine House Royal St, N, 209 Hydraulion Engine House Firehouse
2011/06/30 The center of Alexandria's wholesale district King St, 100 Corn Exchange Commerce
2011/06/23 Alexandria's mom-and-pop grocery stores     Grocery stores
2011/06/16 Capitol Theatre once served as City's sole black movie theater Queen St, 1101-1103 Capitol Theatre African American movie theater
2011/06/09 Despite popular design, local octagon home fell on hard times King St Octagon house Residence
2011/06/02 Designed to teach girls, it now houses a design school Prince St, 1001 Lee School for Girls School
2011/05/26 Arch Hall: from Alexandria to Fairfax to street name Franklin St, 815 Arch Hall Residence
2011/05/19 Michelbach House and Mount Ida Russell Rd, 2400 block Mount Ida Michelbach House, Mount Ida
2011/05/12 Before being hanged for treason, Mary Surratt was educated here Duke St and S. Fairfax St, southwest corner Academy for Young Ladies School, Dr. Murphy House
2011/05/05 Electricity was overrated at West End School Duke St West End School School, George Washington National Masonic Memorial
2011/04/28 Walking through history with the Paff Shoe Company Fairfax St, S, 200 Green Steam Furniture Paff Shoe Company
2011/04/21 510 Wolfe Street: deserted and reclaimed Wolfe St, 510 Vowell-Smith House Residence
2011/04/14 Odd Fellows Hall, home of secret societies Columbus St, S, 411 Odd Fellows Hall Social club
2011/04/07 Lighting the Way for $400 a Year Jones Point Jones Point Lighthouse Jones Point
2011/03/31 Colross: Made in Alexandria, remade in New Jersey Oronoco St, 1100 Colross Residence
2011/03/24 Journey's End on Virginia Avenue Virginia Ave, 4 Journey's End Residence
2011/03/17 Electric railway created streetcar suburbs   Washington, Alexandria & Mount Vernon Railway Streetcar
2011/03/10 The Lloyd House: from Lee family fame to educational institution Fontaine St, 400 Belmont Farm St. Stephen & St. Agnes School
2011/03/03 Cameron Station: From depot to dogs to development Duke St Cameron Station Military
2011/02/24 A Changing of hands at the French-Lawler House Washington St, S, 517 French-Lawler House Residence
2011/02/17 Maury Elementary School's bumpy road Russell Rd, 600 Maury Elementary School School
2011/02/10 Woodies on Washington Street Washington St, N, 615 Woodward & Lothrop Department store
2011/02/03 'An Artistic Little' Rosemont Station Commonwealth Ave Rosemont Station Streetcar, Rosemont
2011/01/27 Early motoring along Washington Street Washington St   Motoring
2011/01/20 St. Paul's Church and a rebel reverend Pitt St, S, 228 St. Paul's Church Church
2011/01/13 Alexandria coroner's body of work Braddock Rd, W, 1500 Wheatley Funeral Home Coroner, Funeral home
2011/01/06 Mighty Midget Kitchens     Restaurants
2010/12/16 The controversial John L. Lewis and the Lee-Fendall House Oronoco St, 614 Lee-Fendall House John L. Lewis
2010/12/09 Mount Ida, spared from Union occupation Charles Alexander Ct, 305 Mount Ida North Ridge, St. Mary's Academy, residence, school
2010/12/02 Catching Fire: West Marine and Salvage Company   Western Marine and Salvage Co Marine salvage, ships, World War I
2010/11/23 An obstruction for some, a gem for others Fairfax St, N, 121 Braddock House Carlyle House, Green's Mansion House, hotel, Civil War hospital, bank
2010/11/18 National Fruit Products Company burns Wythe St, 1100 block National Fruit Product Company Cider vinegar mill, White House Brand, fire
2010/11/11 Mount Vernon and George Mason Schools Commonwealth Ave, 2901 Mt Vernon School George Mason School, education
2010/11/04 From hogs to Hitler's advisor, Bush Hill saw it all Eisenhower Ave, 4800 block Bush Hill Civil War, World War II, Ernst "Putzi" Hanfstane
2010/10/28 Hallowell-Carlin House Washington St, N, 215 Hallowell-Carlin House Charles Creighton Carlin, William H. Taft, Civil War hospital
2010/10/21 The dawn of public transit Washington St, S, 100 block   AB&W bus line, transportation
2010/10/14 The inception of Parkfairfax Preston Rd Parkfairfax World War II housing, Parkfairfax Historic District
2010/10/07 Old Town's red light district of the past Lee St, N, 300 block   Police, red light district
2010/09/30 The Bluemont Branch Russel Rd Bluemont Branch Railroad
2010/09/23 A unique example of American architecture on Fairfax Street Fairfax St, N, 209-211 Jonah Thompson House Residence, school, Hallowell's Alexandria Female Seminary, St. Mary's Academy
2010/09/16 Alexandria City Hall King St, 301 City Hall Market, government
2010/09/09 Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad Fairfax St, at Princess St AL&H Railroad Railroad, train station, Civil War, Quartermaster Department; Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire Railroad.
2010/09/02 Lyles-Crouch during desegregation St Asaph St, S, 530 Lyles-Crouch School Education, school, desegregation, Wilkes Street School, Silk factory
2010/08/26 Mount Auburn Mt. Vernon Ave, at Sanborn Pl Mount Auburn Residence, aerial photograph
2010/08/19 Citizens National Bank Building King St, at St. Asaph St Citizens National Bank Bank
2010/08/12 Bellevue and berries Slater's Lane Bellevue Residence
2010/08/05 Unfit for murderers St. Asaph St, 400 block Alexandria Jail Jail, Charles Bullfinch, architect
2010/07/29 George Washington Park Callahan Dr, 101 George Washington Park Shuter's Hill, George Washington National Masonic Memorial, residences
2010/07/22 306 North Washington Street Washington St, N, 306   Residence, Xaverian Brothers School for Boys
2010/07/15 Alexandria was always a little scrappy Mill Rd, 2324 Alexandria Scrap Junkyard
2010/07/08 7-Eleven Store No. 55 Glebe Rd, W, 1 7-Eleven Store No. 55 People's Choice AME Zion Church, Freedom Way Missionary Baptist Church, Civil unrest
2010/07/01 Warwick, a destination for Independence Day Landover St, 2900 block Warwick Village Indepence Day celebration
2010/06/24 Old Dominion Glass Company Montgomery St, 200 block Old Dominion Glass Company Industry, glass factory
2010/06/17 Do-Nut Dinette Mount Vernon Ave, 4121 Do-Nut Dinette Restaurant
2010/06/10 Establishing St. Joseph Church Columbus St, N, 711 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Church, African American
2010/06/03 Battery Rodgers Lee St at Franklin St. Battery Rodgers Civil War, Defenses of Washington
2010/05/27 D.C. Boundary Markers King St, 2932 D.C. Boundary Marker District of Columbia, boundary stones, DC
2010/05/20 Franklin and Armfield Office Duke St, 1315 Alexandria Slave Pen Slavery, Civil War prison, Franklin & Armfield; Price, Birch & Company
2010/05/13 Little Country Church Quaker Lane, N Little Country Church Church
2010/05/06 Lynhaven Community Reed Ave, E Lynhaven Housing, Lynhaven neighborhood
2010/04/29 711 Prince Street Prince St, 711   Residence
2010/04/22 Lee-Jackson School Duke St, at S Quaker Ln Lee Jackson School School, Education
2010/04/15 Stone’s Motel King St, west of Shirley Highway Stone's Motel Motel, Patton's Motel, Quality Courts
2010/04/08 Aspinwall Hall Seminary Rd, 3737 Aspinwall Hall School, education, Virginia Theological Seminary, Civil War hospital
2010/04/01 Alexandria High School Cameron St, at N West St Alexandria High School School, education
2010/03/25 Odd Fellows Hall Columbus St, N, 218 Odd Fellows Hall Social club, Muirs Court townhouses, St. John's Academy, school, Civil War
2010/03/18 Old Lincolnia Road Van Dorn Street Old Lincolnia Road Transportation, roads
2010/03/11 Richmond Theater King St, 801 Richmond Theater Entertainment, movies, bowling, billiards, school
2010/03/04 Banner Laundry Oronoco St, 909 Banner Laundry Laundry
2010/02/25 Kennedy campaign visit Mount Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School Stadium John F. Kennedy campaign, Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, school
2010/02/18 515 North Washington St. Washington St, N, 515 Mount Vernon Cotton Factory Industry, Civil War
2010/02/11 Knickerbocker storm in Alexandria King St, 400 block   Knickerbocker Storm, snow
2010/02/04 Pendleton Street Center Wythe St, 901 Pendleton Street Center Recreation, African American, USO, World War I, Segregation
2010/01/28 The Alexandria Armory Royal St, S, 200 block Armory Spanish American War, World War I
2010/01/21 Alexandria: Always a dog town     Dog catcher, government, Animal Welfare League
2010/01/14 R.E. Lee Camp Hall Prince St, 806 R.E. Lee Camp Hall Civil War, Prince Street Hospital, museum, Confederacy
2010/01/07 Alexandria plane crash Monroe St Simpson Field transportation, plane crash
2009/12/22 Hoffman Sugar House Washington S, N, 200 block Hoffman Sugar House Hallowell School, Sugar refinery, business, slave labor
2009/12/17 Fort Ward Home for Convalescents  Braddock Rd, W, 4400 Lynn House Fort Ward Home, Lynn House, Christian Science convalescent home
2009/12/10 Carver Theater Queen St, 1120 Carver Theater Entertainment, African American movie theater, Antioch Church
2009/12/03 Shirley-Duke Duke St, 4513 Shirley Duke Shopping Center Shopping, housing, Foxchase
2009/11/24 First City Pools Cameron St   Swimming pool, segregation
2009/11/19 Mount Vernon Ave Theaters Mount Vernon Ave., 2402 and 3707 The Palm and the Vernon Theaters Entertainment, movies, Del Ray
2009/11/12 Alexandria Golf Club Callahan Dr, 101 Alexandria Golf Club Shuter's Hill, George Washington Park, George Washington National Masonic Temple
2009/11/05 508 Wolfe Street Wolfe St, 508 Agudas Achim Synagogue Synagogue, Wolfe Street Hospital, Civil War, Social Club
2009/10/29 Alexandria Courthouse  Columbus St, N, 300 block Alexandria Courthouse Courthouse
2009/10/22 Health Crusaders on Mount Vernon Avenue Mount Vernon Ave Colasanto Center (Del Ray Artisans) Jefferson District Welfare Center, Public Health, Del Ray Artisans
2009/10/15 Old Virginia House King St, at Peyton St Virginia House Hotel Old Virginia House, tornado, Negro Men's Business League, African American hotel
2009/10/08 George Washington High School Stadium Mount Vernon Ave, 1005 George Washington High School Stadium Joe Namath, sports stadium, school
2009/10/01 The Durr Home Seminary Road, 4018
Durr Home Residence, architecture, Lyndon Johnson, Jessica Mitford
2009/09/24 Restored Virginia's Capital Royal St, N, 138   Civil War, Restored Virginia government
2009/09/17 Beachcombers Restaurant Prince St, 0 Beachcombers Restaurant Restaurant, waterfront
2009/09/10 Briggs Aeroplane St. Asaph St, at Pendleton St   Brigg's Aeroplane, War War I, seaplanes, airplanes
2009/09/03 Early Years of Appomattox Prince St, at S. Washington St Appomattox statue Civil War, confederate statue, art
2009/08/27 Cameron Valley Construction Duke St, 3000-3200 blocks Cameron Valley World War II housing, public housing
2009/08/20 Landmark Center Duke St, 5801 Landmark Shopping Center Shopping
2009/08/13 Bank of Del Ray Mount Vernon Ave Bank of Del Ray Bank, Del Ray
2009/08/06 Great Blizzard of 1899 King Street   Storm
2009/07/30 Trinity Second Meeting House Washington St, S, 100 block Trinity Second Meeting House Church
2009/07/23 West End Chicken Farming     Chicken farming
2009/07/16 Potomac Town Hall and Firehouse Windsor Ave, E, 202 Potomac Town Hall Town of Potomac, Fire Department, Del Ray
2009/07/09 Brown's Mill Wheeler Ave, 3610 Brown's Mill Mill
2009/07/02 The Doniphan Building Columbus St, N, 101 Doniphan Building Apartment building, office building
2009/06/25 Columbia Firehouse St. Asaph St, S, 109 Columbia Firehouse Firefighting
2009/06/18 Rural Lincolnia Little River Turnpike, near I-395 interchange Lincolnia Lebanon Union Church, farming
2009/06/11 Still Busters St Asaph St at Princess St   Prohibition, Police, Jail
2009/06/04 Seminary Hill Stakeout Seminary Road   Journalism, Justice Hugo Black
2009/05/28 414 North Washington Street Washington St, N, 414   Civil War, Grosvenor House Hospital, Anthony Cazenove, Leadbeater
2009/05/21 Upper King Street King St Upper King Street Business, shopping
2009/05/14 Volusia Duke St, 4513 Volusia Fox Chase Shopping Center, slaves, plantation
2009/05/07 Key Motel Duke St, 6022 Key Motel Motel
2009/04/30 Old Custom House and Post Office Prince St at St. Asaph Old Custom House Customs House, Post Office
2009/04/23 201 North Fairfax Street Fairfax St, N, 201 Wise's Tavern Tavern
2009/04/16 Fruit Growers Express Quaker Lane, S Fruit Growers Express Railroad,, business, Dash Bus
2009/04/09 Taylor-Fraser House Pitt St, S, 109 Taylor-Fraser House Residence, architecture
2009/04/02 Shuman's Bakery King St, 516 Shuman's Bakery Bakery, business
2009/03/26 Early Construction of the Masonic Memorial Callahan Dr, 101 George Washington Masonic National Memorial Memorial, Masons, Shuter's Hill
2009/03/19 Old Dominion Bank Prince St, 201 Old Dominion Bank Bank
2009/03/12 Old Alexandria Hospital Washington St, S, 277 Alexandria Hospital Health, hospital
2009/03/05 Old Presbyterian Graveyard Fairfax St, S, 323 Old Presbyterian Cemetery Cemetery, church
2009/02/26 Alexandria Home Bakery Henry St, S, 500 block Alexandria Home Bakery Bakery, business
2009/02/19 George Washington Bicentennial Royal St, S, 309 St. Mary's Church George Washington Bicentennial, church
2009/02/12 George Mason Hotel Washington St, S, at Prince, NE corner George Mason Hotel Hotel
2009/02/05 Braddock Cannon Braddock Rd, at Russel Rd Braddock Cannon French and Indian War, Braddock, monument
2009/01/29 Lincoln's Railroad Car Duke St, at S. Alfred St USMRR Lincoln train car, railroad, Civil War
2009/01/22 Traffic Training West St, N, at Queen St Jefferson School Traffic training, Education
2009/01/15 War Village in Alexandria King St, 3210 Chinquapin Village World War II housing
2009/01/08 First National Bank King St, 503-507 First National Bank Bank
2008/12/22 Westminster Building Prince St, 521-523 Westminster Building
2008/12/18 Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation Jones Point Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation Industry, ship building
2008/12/11 213 South Pitt Street Pitt St, S, 213 Residence, architecture
2008/12/04 Ford Plant Union St, S, at Fords Landing Way Ford Plant Industry, automobile factory
2008/11/25 Mushbach House Washington St, N, 418 Mushbach House Residence, architecture
2008/11/20 Robinson Library Wythe St, 902 Robinson Library Alexandria Black History Museum, Library, Civil Rights, African American
2008/11/13 Jarbour Jar David Jarbour, African American, Wilkes Street Pottery, stoneware
2008/11/06 Temple Trailer Village Telegraph Rd, near Duke St Temple Trailer Village Trailer park, housing
2008/10/30 Soldiers' Cemetery and Protest Wilkes St Alexandria National Cemetry Civil War, African American, Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery
2008/10/23 Belle Pre Bottle Company Belle Pre Way, 1111 Belle Pre Bottle Company Industry, glass company
2008/10/16 Cameron Mills and Farm Telegraph Road near Cameron Run Cameron Mills and Farm Farm, mill
2008/10/09 Alexandria Almshouse Monroe St, E, at Route 1 Almshouse Social services, almshouse
2008/10/02 Alexandria Roller Rink St. Asaph St, N, 807 Alexandria Roller Rink Entertainment
2008/09/25 Reliance Homes Duke St, 3700 block Reliance Homes Residence, architecture
2008/09/18 Lannon's Opera House King St, 500-508 Lannon's Opera House Entertainment
2008/09/11 Reality TV
2008/08/28 Shuter's Hill Callahan Dr, 101 Shuter's Hill Civil War, NY44th
2008/08/21 Hayman's Flood Sale Mount Vernon Avenue near Four Mile Run Hayman's Department Store Shopping, flood
2008/04/17 Torthorwald Fairlington Torthorwald Residence
2008/04/10 Seminary School King St, 3300 block St. Asaph Race Track Horse racing, entertainment
2008/04/03 The Potomac Police Department Windsor Ave, E, 202 Potomac Town Hall
2008/02/21 Luna Park Four Mile Run area Luna Park Amusement park, entertainment
2007/12/27 Prehistoric Points Washington St., S, 1001 Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Prehistoric, cemetery, African American
2007/12/20 Rare ceramic pitcher on display Braddock Rd, W, 4301 Fort Ward Museum and Historic Park Ellsworth Pitcher, Civil War
2007/12/06 Cloud's Mill Cloud’s Mill Way and N. Paxton St. Cloud's Mill Mill
2007/11/22 Alexandria’s bands Entertainment
2007/11/15 Abolitionist accessories Wythe St, 902 Alexandria Black History Museum African American, slavery, Abolition
2007/10/18 An elk presides over Prince Street Prince St, 318 Elk Club Social club
2007/10/11 Poison Bottle Fairfax St, S., 105-107 Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum Apothecary, poison bottle
2007/10/04 October is Archaeology Month Union St, N., 105 Alexandria Archaeology Museum Archaeology, Lafayette, ceramics
2007/09/27 WAVES played major role in war at home Washington St, N., 220 Lloyd House World War II, WAVES
2007/09/13 Jamestown exhibition at the Lyceum Washington St, S., 201 The Lyceum: Alexandria’s History Museum Jamestown, Eyler collection
2007/09/06 Alexandria Canal Tide Lock Canal Center Plaza Alexandria Canal Canal, commerce