Volunteering at the Black History Museum

Share your skills, enthusiasm and time by volunteering at the Black History Museum. Some volunteer activities may take place at other locations such as Freedom House Museum and the African American Heritage Park.

Page updated on Jun 21, 2021 at 11:39 AM

Volunteering at the Black History Museum

If you can help us with any of the activities listed below, please indicate your preferences on the Volunteer Application

Volunteer Activities

Some of the listed activities are not always available. Other volunteer opportunities are available at many other sites in Alexandria. You may apply to volunteer at other City museums through the Office of Historic Alexandria Volunteer Opportunities Page.

  • Greet visitors and answer questions about the site
  • Give tours of the Black History Museum, Freedom House Museum, and African American Heritage Park
  • Help with events
  • Assist with cataloging books for the Watson Reading Room
  • Assist staff with general administrative duties
  • Work in the museum’s collection storage area
  • Act as independent research assistant for the Museum, doing research at different historic sites and libraries in the metropolitan area
  • Newsletter production
  • Videotaping/editing
  • Grant writing
  • Oral History interviewing
  • Fundraising
  • Create children’s programming