The Parker-Gray School Archives

The Parker-Gray Archives, at the Alexandria Black History Museum, seeks to preserve documents, photographs, yearbooks and other memorabilia relating to the Parker-Gray school.

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The Parker-Gray School Archives

Parker-Gray Graduating Class, 1936Born out of the Alexandria Black History Resource Center's mission  (now the Alexandria Black History Museum), the Parker-Gray Archives seeks to preserve documents, photographs, yearbooks and other memorabilia relating to the Parker-Gray school years. Currently the archives contain over 300 photographs, many documents, and assorted memorabilia relating to Parker-Gray from 1920 to 1979.

Visitors and educators may use the archives by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call the Alexandria Black History Museum at  703.746.4356 one week in advance. Objects from the collection are available for loan to institutions that meet City of Alexandria and Office of Historic Alexandria requirements. Please contact the Museum for prints or digital reproduction rights for photographs in the archives. A fee may apply in accordance with museum policies.

The Parker-Gray School Collection can now be viewed at  Historic Alexandria Collections Online.

Image: Parker-Gray High School's first graduating class in 1936.

History of The Parker-Gray School

The new Parker-Gray School

The Parker-Gray School provided African American children with comprehensive education at a time when segregation and lack of resources, teachers, and facilities threatened what is now understood as a fundamental right of every child. 

Learn more about the History of the Parker-Gray School.

The Parker-Gray Schools: Elementary - High - Middle. 100th Anniversary 1920-2020 is an illustrated brochure produced by the staff of the Alexandria Black History Museum in honor of the Parker-Gray School 100th Anniversary

Image: Parker-Gray High School, 1950-1965. 

What You Can Do to Help

If you have photographs, scrapbooks, or yearbooks from Parker-Gray High School or Middle School, please contact the director of the Alexandria Black History Museum about donation options.

Can you identify classmates and faculty in the brochure and database? If so, use this form to share this information with the Museum.

If you have stories to share, contact the director about the Office of Historic Alexandria's Oral History Initiative. Staff members conduct audio and video tape interviews for inclusion in the city's archives. This is a wonderful way to preserve your history for family members and future scholars. You may choose an open or sealed oral history.

Support the Alexandria Black History Museum's programming. Funds acquired through Museum events are used to assist in the conservation of archival materials.

Join the Parker-Gray Alumni Association. The association meets monthly. Each year the Association provides a scholarship to an eligible high school senior and sponsors social events. There is a bi-annual reunion in August. For more information about the Parker-Gray Alumni Association, call 703.746.4356.