Fairfax Street Hospital

Before Fairfax Street Hospital opened in 1861, the large double house was used as a girls' school.

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  Fairfax Street Hospital, HABS/HAER

Image 1: HABS/HAER image of the Jonah Thompson House in the 1930s. This building was used as the Fairfax Street Hospital during the Civil War. (Library of Congress).  Click here for larger image.
Mansion House and Fairfax Hospitals, Bird's Eye View
Image 2: Fairfax Street Hospital, identified along with other hospitals on a section of Magnus'  Birdseye View of Alexandria, Va.  (Library of Congress).
Fairfax Street, Quartermaster Map
Quartermaster map of Fairfax Hospital and vicinity. 
Fairfax Street, Quartermaster Map (detail)Detail of Quartermaster Map.
Fairfax Street Hospital Today
Fairfax Street Hospital today, known as the Jonah Thompson House.
Civil War Hospitals Map: Fairfax St

History of the Fairfax Street Hospital

209-211 N. Fairfax Street

The houses at 209-211 South Fairfax Street were built by Jonah Thompson in 1805 as residences, and are today known as the Jonah Thompson Houses or the Marriage House.  In the 1840s, this large property, with a loggia facing the rear garden and river, became a female seminary, or school, run by Benjamin Hallowell.

Opened August 22, 1861, Fairfax Street Hospital became an element of the First Division of Alexandria Hospitals after September 20, 1862.  In 1864, it became part of the Mansion House Hospital, also in the First Division, which had about 753 beds in a December, 1864 census.

Historic Images

Image 1: 

Image 2:  

Quartermaster Map

The Quartermaster map shows the Fairfax Street Hospital and vicinity. A detail shows the elevation of the hospital.  

Location and the Site Today

Located at 209-211 N. Fairfax Street, the Fairfax Street Hospital is now once again private residences, known as the Jonah Thompson House.