Mansion House Hospital

Mansion House Hospital was the largest of the confiscated buildings used as a military hospital in Alexandria. The old, vacant hotel was torn down in the 1970s to restore the historic Carlyle House as a museum and park.

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Mansion House Hospital

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Mansion House Hotel, Alexandria's largest Civil War era hotel, became its largest Union hospital. (Library of Congress) Click here for full-size image.
Mansion House and Fairfax Hospitals, Bird's Eye View

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 Mansion House Hospital, identified along with other hospitals on a section of Magnus'  Birdseye View of Alexandria, Va. 
Mansion House Hospital, Quartermaster MapMansion House Hospital, in the lower left corner of the Quartermaster's map.
Mansion House Hospital Today
Mansion House Hospital is now the site of the Carlyle House Historic Park.
Civil War Hospitals Map: Mansion House

History of the Mansion House Hospital

121 N. Fairfax Street

Mansion House Hotel, operated by James Green, was considered one of the premier establishments on the East Coast (also known as Green’s Hotel). In early November 1861, Green received a letter that stated he had three days to vacate the premises. Opened December 1, 1861, as a General Hospital, Mansion House Hospital was subsequently used as the First Division General Hospital, beginning Sept. 20, 1862. It was the largest of the confiscated buildings used as a military hospital in Alexandria, with 500 beds.

Built directly in front of (and obscuring the view of) the 18th century John Carlyle House, Mansion House Hotel (sometimes known as the Braddock House hotel) was vacant and deteriorating when a large portion of it was torn down in the 1970s to restore the house and establish Carlyle House Historic Park. The historic Bank of Alexandria on the corner of Cameron Street, once a part of the hotel and hospital, was also preserved.

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Historic Images

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  • Title: Mansion House Hospital, Alexandria, Va.  
  • Photographer: Andrew J. Russell
  • Image Source:   Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division   
  • Image Date: photographed between 1861 and 1865, printed between 1880 and 1889 
  • Medium: 1 photographic print on card mount : albumen. 
  • Library of Congress Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-33628 (digital file from original item) LC-B8184-1290 (b&w film copy neg.) LC-B8184-10070 (b&w film copy neg.)   
  • Library of Congress Call Number: LOT 4180, no. 31 [P&P] 
  • Library of Congress Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. 

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Quartermaster Map

The Mansion House Hospital is shown in the lower left corner of the Quartermaster's map 

Location and the Site Today

Mansion House Hospital was located at 121 Fairfax Street. Today, the  Carlyle House Historic Park is open to the public, and owned and operated by the Northern Virginia Park Authority. The Bank of Alexandria building on the corner of Cameron Street was also part of the hospital complex. The larger Mansion House hotel buildings were torn down.