New Hallowell Hospital

New Hallowell Hospital, a part of the 3rd Division General Hospital, was a hospital for officers.

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New Hallowell Hospital Image 1: No Civil War period photo is available. This photograph of the building was taken in the 1930s as part of the HABS/HAER survey. Click here for full-size image. (Library of Congress.)
McVeigh and Hallowell Hospitals, Bird's Eye View Image 2:  New Hallowell Hospital, located on a section of Magnus' Birdseye View of Alexandria, Va.  
New Hallowell Hospital Today (2)The site of New Hallowell Hospital today.
Civil War Hospitals Map: New Hallowell

History of the New Hallowell Hospital

215 N. Washington Street

A hospital for officers opened on March 7, 1862, in the home of Benjamin Hallowell, noted Quaker educator. Robert E. Lee and his son both studied at the Hallowell school. The hospital was part of the 3rd Division General Hospital, which also included Old Hallowell, and several other hospitals on or north of King Street. The hospital complex included a three story building plus basement, a shed and stable. (Source: Civil War DC Website, from National Archives data.) It closed on April 27, 1865. The building was demolished 100 years later, despite efforts of the Historic Alexandria Foundation to save the historic property. 

Historic Images

Image 1:

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Quartermaster Map

No Quartermaster map available.

Location and the Site Today

New Hallowell Hospital was located at 215 N. Washington Street. Townhouse style commercial buildings now occupy this site.