Old Hallowell Hospital

Old Hallowell Hospital was formerly used as a school by noted educator Benjamin Hallowell.

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  Old Hallowell Hospital

Image 1: Old Hallowell Hospital was a school before and after the War. (Courtesy, Alexandria Library, Special Collections, William Smith collection).

McVeigh and Hallowell Hospitals, Bird's Eye View Image 2: Old Hallowell Hospital, located on a section of Magnus'  Birdseye View of Alexandria, Va.
  Old Hallowell Hospital, Quartermaster Map

Quartermaster map.

Old Hallowell Hospital, Quartermaster Map (detail, large) Detail of Quartermaster map, showing hospital and hospital tents, barracks and dead house.
Old Hallowell Hospital Today (Lloyd House Garden)Site of the Old Hallowell Hospital.  
Civil War Hospitals Map: Old Hallowell

History of the Old Hallowell Hospital

200 Block N. Washington Street, West Side

The Hallowells were a Quaker family noted for their educational endeavors. The building was a school from 1832 to 1860 and earlier the site of a sugar house and tobacco warehouse. It reverted to Blackburn’s Academy after the war. The first hospital on this site was established by the Surgeon General in Alexandria in July 1861. It eventually was expanded to five structures. The main hospital on North Washington Street connected by a long narrow walkway to a building on N. Columbus Street. Two wooden barracks ran parallel to Cameron Street. A Dead house was located on N. Columbus Street. 

Historic Images

Image 1:  

  • Title: Old Hallowell Hospital
  • Date: Civil War era
  • Rights Advisory: Alexandria Library, Special Collections, William Smith Collection

Image 2: 

Quartermaster Map

The Quartermaster map shows the buildings that comprised the Old Hallowell Hospital.

Location and the Site Today

Old Hallowell Hospital was located on the 200 block of N. Washington Street, west side.