Sickel General Hospital: First Person Accounts

Sickel General Hospital First Person Accounts include letters and a hospital bed card, pertaining to three patients.

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Sickel General Hospital

Letter from patient Joseph Richardson

It is useless for you to worry about me for I always do as well as and a great deal better than those in the same occupation. I always have friends wherever I go and can get along.

  • Source: Excerpt from a letter by Joseph Richardson, a patient at Sickel. Images of Alexandria, Arcadia Publishing, pg. 72. The original letter is in the collection of the Library of Congress.

Letter about patient Robert Marshman

I have just received official information of the death of another member of my company, Private Robert Marshman died at Second Division Hospital, December 21, from a gunshot wound received at the Battle of Mine Run, the 27th of November, 1863. Private Marshman was a prompt and efficient soldier, always ready and willing for duty—he had no superior and few equals.

  • Source: Excerpt from a letter by B.F. Sells, at Camp near Bealton Station, Virginia, December 25, 1863. He writes about a patient at Sickel. Hill, N.N., History of Coshocton County, Ohio: Its Past and Present, 1740-1881. Newark, Ohio, A.A. Graham & Co., 1881, pg. 375.

Hospital Bed Card for Joshua Ingalls

2 Jan 1839 - 28 Nov 1929.  Description: 5'5", light hair, blue eyes, and light complexion. Occupation: Farmer.  Company A, 149th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment “2nd Bucktails". 

Enlisted as Private in Wellsboro, PA on 8 August 1862 at age 23.  Mustered in at Harrisburg, PA on 21 August 1862.  Was paid a $25 bounty upon mustering in. Absent sick in Windmill Point General Hospital in Windmill Point, VA in May-June 1863. Missed Battle of Gettysburg while absent sick.

Wounded (GSW through right chest; bullet entered about 2" above right nipple and exited at base of right shoulder blade) on 23 May 1864 at North Anna River, VA. 

Recalled spending the night wounded on the battlefield.  The next day, he was approached by a surgeon who decided to leave him there for dead due to the severity of his wound.  Upon hearing this, Joshua said to the doctor, “I’ll outlive you, Old Man!”   The surgeon relented, and Joshua did indeed outlive him. 

Transferred from a Field Hospital to Finley General Hospital in Washington, DC on 29 May 1864.  Admitted to Third Division General Hospital in Alexandria, VA on 20 July 1864.  Treated with a simple water dressing while at Third Division General Hospital.  Remembered pulling a large piece of his uniform out of his exit would while in the hospital. Furloughed from Third Division General Hospital 27 July to 27 August 1864.  Charged $11.20 for transportation home and back during his furlough. 

Admitted to Sickel General Hospital in Alexandria, VA on 2 May 1865.  Discharged from Sickel General Hospital as Private on 5 June 1865. 

His wound made farm labor difficult the rest of his life. Moved with family to Branch, Marion County, KS in 1873.  Moved with family back to Covington, Tioga County, PA in 1880.  Was a member of G.A.R. Post #48, Mansfield, PA. Died of septic infection at age 90.  Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga County, PA.

  • Source: Steve Dornbos' Civil War Ancestors. Oral History, hospital bed cards and research from the family of Joshua Ingalls, provided by great-great-grandson Stephen Dornbos (War stories told to my grandfather, Frank Edmond, who passed them down.)