The Annual Friendship Firehouse Festival

The Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association (FVFEA) holds its annual Firehouse Festival each year on the first Saturday in August. The popular family event features antique fire apparatus, craft booths, displays by Alexandria merchants, and live music.

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Friendship Firehouse Festival

First Saturday in August

In addition to the day's outdoor events, festival participants will enjoy visiting the Friendship Firehouse Museum, originally built as a firehouse in 1855.

The Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association (FVFEA) is now a philanthropic organization focusing on fire-fighting history and fire safety.  It remains active in community events, including the annual Festival, and supports historic preservation of the building and its collection.

Food and beverages are available. Children will receive free fire helmets and can visit the City's fire trucks. For more information, call 703.746.3891.

In the News:

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Friendship Firehouse Festival Photo Gallery

Street Scene Inside the Engine Room Kids With Fire Hoses Antique Hose Reels Vice Mayor Kerry Donley cutting the cake Street Scene with Vendors Antique Hose Reels, 2007  Face (or arm) painting  Inside the Engine Room, 2007 Festival  Street Scene, 2007  Looking out from the Meeting Roomg   Souvenir Helmets and Balloons  The Museum  City Manager Jim Hartmann cutting the cake  Driving the antique fire truck  Kids with a modern fire engine  Antique fire truck  Entertainment by The Lump Dog Band  Putting out a fire  Street scene, 2002  Exploring a modern fire engine  Antique Fire Engine  Inside a truck  Alexandria Fire EMS Friendship  Antique Fire Apparatus  Exploring a modern fire engine, 2000  Children examining the Rodgers Hand Pumper  Trying on fire gear, and receiving a souvenir helmet  Kids from a local preschool, with fire helmets  A Dalmatian, the typical fire station mascot