Research at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum has a wide variety of research materials to offer – from primary documents to a vast library.

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Research Files and Library

The following materials are available for use by researchers by appointment only. Please contact Gadsby's Tavern Museum to arrange a time.

  • Research Files: These include primary and secondary source materials gathered from a variety of sources that are organized by topic.  They help document the history of the building, provide context, and assist in furnishing the museum.  
  • Library: This consists of over 1,000 volumes including decorative arts, furnishings, clothing, social life and customs, Alexandria and Virginia history, museum studies, conservation, building preservation, and other related subject areas. 

The library also includes information on the preservation and history of the tavern buildings. Guiding documents for the interpretation and preservation of the tavern buildings include The Historic Furnishings Plan by Ellen Kirven Donald and Gretchen Sullivan Sorin (1978), The Master Interpretive Plan(1985), and Restoration "Gadsby’s Tavern" in Old Town at Alexandria, Virginia by J. Everett Fauber, Jr. FAIA (1976). 

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Archival Donations

The Museum continues to document its 18th, 19th, and 20th century history. The staff is presently collecting all archival materials and memorabilia that references Gadsby’s Tavern, or the owners and occupants of the buildings. The Museum welcomes any clippings, programs, letters, correspondence, photographs, videos, or other information relating to the history and use of Gadsby’s Tavern.  Please contact the Museum to discuss donations.