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Social Media: Fact Check Friday, Early GivingMiss visiting your favorite Historic Alexandria sites? Looking for some fun historic activities to share with your kids at home? Let our staff bring history virtually to you! 

Each weekday we will share new stories and content - everything from virtual tours of the sites and museums to fun and educational activities:  

  • On #MakeItMonday enjoy hands-on activities, recipes, and coloring sheets for the whole family 
  • Take virtual tours of our museums and sites on #TourTuesday 
  • Learn more about Alexandria's rich archaeological heritage on #WaterfrontWednesday 
  • #ThrowbackThursday dives deep into the historic files   
  • Separate historic fact from fiction on #FactCheckFriday

Today's Activity

Yes, early giving does begin today for Spring2ACTion! Historic Alexandria is raising funds to preserve the Freedom House Museum, a building with deep ties to the domestic slave trade, so why that name? In 1988, then owner Ann B. Stone dedicated the building in memory of Lewis Henry Bailey. Separated from his family as a child, he was trafficked through this building before being sold to a Texas family. After gaining his freedom, he walked over 1,400 miles to Alexandria to reunite with his mother. Here, he became an active member of the community and his amazing life story inspired the building’s name! #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Support Freedom House through Spring2ACTion

More Activities


Fort Ward Museum has nearly 400 patriotic envelopes from the Civil War period in its collection! Soldiers and civilians during the war used envelopes and stationery decorated with a variety of images that supported their respective causes. New printing techniques of the time enabled these paper goods to be cheaply produced, making them affordable to many. Make your own! #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Patriotic Envelope Activity

For this #MakeItMonday, test your 18th century baking skills with this recipe for ship biscuits! Archaeologists found a 200-year-old biscuit in the ground at the Robinson Terminal South Site (44AX235). Try your hand at this recipe and post a picture using #HistoricALX2U so we can see your creation. #FoodOrRock #MuseumFromHome

Ship Biscuit Activity


For this #TourTuesday, visit the Alexandria African American Heritage Park. Across Hoof’s Run from the Alexandria National Cemetery, this park was dedicated as a memorial to African American contributions to Alexandria’s history and encompasses the Black Baptist Cemetery established in 1885. Get close to artist Jerome Meadow’s bronze tree installation and see if you can find the names of African American citizens, businesses, and institutions that have made our City what it is today. #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Tour the Alexandria African American Heritage Park

More Information about the Alexandria African American Heritage Park

Some describe it like a step back in time or that they just apparated into a Harry Potter book. The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum was a family-run business for over 140 years - from filling orders for the Washington family in the 18th century to providing medical supplies to army bases during WWI. Tour the entire first floor of the museum by clicking around the Google 360 view and try to find the pickle spices’ box and George Washington’s bust! #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Apothecary Museum First Floor Tour


On today’s #waterfrontwednesday, we send a huge thanks to all medical professionals working tirelessly to care for our community. As a port and rail hub, Alexandria adapted during the Civil War to meet the critical care needs of wounded soldiers from the front lines. One aide highlighted the state of things in 1862, “Their wounds had been well dressed & they said they were well cared, they have plenty of blankets, &...” Thank you for always rising to the challenge! #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome  #MuseumsThankHealthHeroes 

Interactive map of Alexandria’s Civil War hospitals  

Earlier this year, archaeologists spent a  #WaterfrontWednesday looking at soggy wood and leather, assessing this type of waterlogged organic material found at the Robinson Terminal South Site (44AX235). Working piece by piece, they have assigned conservation priorities to over 1,000 artifacts based on their provenience, level of integrity, and future research and exhibition value. This will guide future conservation plans for the material. #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome  

Archaeology on the Waterfront


Nicholas Cresswell was an English Loyalist living in Alexandria between 1774-1777. Luckily for historians he recorded a journal of his experiences. On October 24, 1774 he wrote, “Everything here is in utmost confusion” as tensions with the British rose prior to the Revolutionary War. Help historians 200 years from now know what it was like in Alexandria in 2020. #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Journal Activity

American Legion Post 24 was organized in 1920 and Gadsby’s Tavern was the first site that members considered when looking for a permanent home as a monument to veterans, a civic center, and museum. They always promoted the tavern as a “must-see” historic attraction in Alexandria during their operation. These “California tourists” are enjoying their history lesson. #ThrowbackThursday #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Online Exhibit - Honoring Our Veterans: A Century of Service, The American Legion in Alexandria


In 1858, the Friendship Fire Company commissioned a new hose reel carriage, but was it the typical fire red? Through paint analysis, we know it was actually first a glossy dark blue with gold leaf embellishments! Paint analysis looks at the layers of paint in cross-section to discover how they were layered over time. The carriage was painted red at a later date. #HistoricALX2U #MuseumFromHome 

Alexandria's Historic Fire-Fighting Vehicles