Commissions Supporting Historic Alexandria

The City of Alexandria has a strong commitment to citizen participation as evidenced by the number of citizen boards and commissions established by City Council. These bodies compose a formal system through which citizens can advise City Council on all major issues affecting the City.

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These City commissions play an active role in preserving Alexandria’s history. Commission members must be Alexandria city residents and are appointed by the Alexandria City Council. Vacancies on all Alexandria Boards and Commissions are listed on the City website, in the local newspapers, or call Citizens Assistance at 703.746.4691.

Archaeological Commission

The Alexandria Archaeological Commission is responsible for the archaeology of all prehistoric and historic sites in the City. It establishes goals and priorities for the City's program; and acquires, preserves, and displays all the artifacts found. It works with federal, state and local governments, private foundations, citizens, area schools and colleges.

Historic Alexandria Resources Commission (HARC)

The Historic Alexandria Resources Commission advises the City in the preservation of historic sites and buildings, artifacts, and records from loss or deterioration; and promotes citizen and tourist use of historic sites and the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission 

The Historical Restoration & Preservation Commission was empowered by the Virginia General Assembly in 1962 to preserve historic architecture in the City. The Commission has an active program to acquire easements, both on open space and to protect the fabric of historic structures.

Public Records Advisory Commission 

The Public Records Advisory Commission provides advice and guidance to the City Records Administrator on records management matters and implementation of the records program in the City. The Commission is composed of professional archivists, records managers, historians, research specialists, and citizens.


George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee  

The George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee is responsible for the planning and carrying out of the City's annual George Washington Birthday celebration.

Sister Cities Committees

Two committees facilitate the relationships between Alexandria and its sister cities.

  • Alexandria-Caen Sister City CommitteeThe  Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee is responsible for coordinating projects and facilitating the sister city relationship between the Cities of Alexandria and Caen, France.
  • Sister Cities CommitteeThe Sister Cities Committee develops, encourages and promotes educational and cultural exchanges between the Cities of Dundee, Scotland; Helsingborg, Sweden and the City of Alexandria; and coordinates activities within the City relating to these exchanges.