The Historic Alexandria Waterfront

Learn about the waterfront of historic Alexandria with the resources below.

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Pioneer MillsAlexandria Waterfront, May 1865. Courtesy Alexandria Library, Special Collections. 

The Alexandria waterfront has an extensive history. While much has been written about various aspects of maritime history and activities on the waterfront, there is not one easy source from which to acquire information. The materials assembled here include research projects by Alexandria Archaeology staff and volunteers, as well as members of the Alexandria Archaeological Commission, about historic buildings, places and preservation planning tools such as GIS maps. These studies are not intended as the definitive history of the waterfront but are part of an ongoing program to study the complexities of Alexandria’s maritime heritage and to preserve historic resources. Links and references are also provided to additional sources that are particularly helpful in understanding the historic waterfront.

Archaeological Discoveries

2017 Ship DigAs redevelopment takes place along Alexandria's waterfront, archaeologists are exploring the properties undergoing development. Excavation updates provide photos and possible interpretations of the archaeological finds as they are unearthed on the waterfront projects.

Discoveries at Robinson Terminal South, 2 Duke Street (2017-2018)

Discoveries at the Hotel Indigo Site220 N. Union Street (2015-2016)

Earlier waterfront Discoveries

Waterfront History

Preservation Planning