Office of Historic Alexandria Departmental Strategic Plan Meeting

Page archived as of November 24, 2015

New Office of Historic Alexandria Departmental Strategic Plan, Budget Initiatives to be Reviewed

November 18 Meeting at The Lyceum to consider upcoming City Budget Process and Financial Forecasts

The Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA) is the comprehensive public history agency of the City of Alexandria, responsible for the operation of eight museums and historic sites owned by the City government, management of the City’s Archives and Records Center, and administration of the City’s Archeological code. The department’s current goals and initiatives through the year 2016 are outlined, prioritized and annually updated through its Departmental Strategic Plan, previously developed with the community input and adopted by the Alexandria City Council.  Planning for a new plan covering the years 2017 to 2021, based on projected financial forecasts  for those years, is now being initiated, with high expectations for public input.


Among the facilities maintained and/or operated by OHA include the Alexandria African American Heritage Park, Alexandria  Archaeology Museum, Alexandria Black History Museum,  Archives and Records Center, Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site, Friendship Firehouse Museum, Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, Lloyd House, The Lyceum, Alexandria’s History Museum and the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. OHA also takes an active role in historic research and the preservation of historical artifacts, collections and buildings within the City.   OHA routinely aligns and promotes these resources in accordance with ongoing economic development initiatives and agencies, and works with other City department to incorporate heritage objectives in relevant plans, policies and projects.


Currently OHA is in the fourth year of implementation of its departmental Fiscal Year 2012-2016 strategic plan.  Adopted by the Alexandria City Council in 2013, the current strategic plan was a cornerstone of the successful application for accreditation by OHA as one of eight municipal “museums systems” in the United States by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).  Accreditation by the AAM is the highest honor recognized in the museum field, and affirms that such institutions have undertaken a rigorous review of its operations that meet the highest standards and best practices developed for the museum profession.


Although the current OHA Departmental Strategic Plan receives an annual update, the need exists for a new plan to be developed and adopted by July 1, 2016. As OHA begins the two-year process of developing the new Departmental Strategic Plan,  Alexandria residents are invited to participate in an upcoming civic engagement process to identify and advise on relevant museum and public history issues that may be considered important to community.  The first step in this process will begin at the next regular meeting of the Historic Alexandria Resources Commission (HARC), to be held Tuesday, November 18, 7:30 p.m. at The Lyceum, Alexandria’s History Museum, located at 201 South Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia.  This initial step leading to the development of a new strategic plan for the department will engage HARC members, composed of representatives for Alexandria planning districts and heritage organizations, in a conversation with City leaders on the upcoming FY 2016 budget process and five-year financial projections for the City.  The meeting is open to the public and other City heritage and public records commissions will be represented. Limited free parking is available and light refreshments will be served.


To arrange for appropriate seating and accommodations, residents are requested to confirm attendance and special needs by calling 703.746.4554.  For further information, please visit