Threatened and Endangered Archaeological and Historical Sites Forum

Public discussion of the 2015 nominations and where to go from here.

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Alexandria Archaeological Commission Threatened and Endangered Archaeological and Historical Sites Forum

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Public discussion of the 2015 nominations and where to go from here

The Alexandria Archaeological Commission will hold a public forum on the nominations received in 2015 for threatened and endangered archaeological and historical sites in Alexandria. The forum will be held on Tuesday, April 5, 6-9 p.m., at The Lyceum. This forum serves as the culmination of the nomination process held last year and as the start of a public dialog about what history means to Alexandria, why archaeological and historical sites are important, the role of historic preservation to the city’s character and its economic vitality, and is an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge Alexandria residents have about their city and its history.

The Alexandria Archaeological Commission has invited the people who nominated sites to present their views, after which the forum will be opened for discussion. The Commission invites you to attend this forum to share your knowledge of the city’s history and your thoughts about events affecting Alexandria’s archaeological and historic sites.

To understand what is important to city residents and visitors, the Commission sought nominations for Alexandria’s most threatened and endangered archaeological and historical sites, broadly defining sites in order to cover all aspects of the city’s physical history. This process provided residents and visitors an opportunity to highlight the archaeological and historical sites they believed were most important and threatened or endangered. This understanding helps the Commission to advise City Council on issues relating to archaeology and history. This forum is the next step in this process and is an opportunity for the public to discuss the nominated sites and engage in a meaningful dialogue about the city’s history and its preservation.

The eighteen properties, nominated by twenty-two individuals and groups, expected to be presented at the forum are as follows:

  • Historic alleys
  • Brick shafts
  • Historic brick sidewalks
  • Marshall House
  • Ramsey Homes, N. Patrick Street
  • 226 South Strand, Former Alexandria Marine repair shop/Alexandria Marine Building
  • Old Town Movie Theater
  • 1800 Mount Vernon Avenue, Arlandria Floors building
  • Landscape within the scenic easement on the George Washington Parkway
  • Statue Appomattox, at the intersection of Prince and Washington streets
  • The Alexandria Canal
  • PEPCO lead of Norfolk Southern Railway
  • President Gerald R. Ford's former Alexandria home - Clover Neighborhood
  • Penny Hill Cemetery
  • Lebanon Union Cemetery
  • Little River Turnpike Roadbed
  • Friendship Fire House, specifically the pumper and hose reel
  • 806 Prince Street

This forum is sponsored by the Alexandria Archaeological Commission. Reservations are requested, and can be made by emailing or calling 703.746.4399.

Registration to speak is required. To pre-register, email or call 703.746.4399 by noon, Tuesday, April 5. In person registration will be held Tuesday, April 5, 5:30 – 6 p.m., at The Lyceum.

The Lyceum is located at 201 S. Washington Street, in Old Town Alexandria. For more information about the Alexandria Archaeological Commission, visit