Family Ties: Remembering World War I

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Family Ties: Remembering World War I

Saturday, November 12, 11am-noon
Barrett Branch Library, 717 Queen Street

Have a relative that served in WWI?  Do you have family stories about living through the war?  Make sure your history is part of Alexandria’s memory! Bring your family heirloom and stories for a history “show-and-tell” co-sponsored by the Alexandria Library and Office of Historic Alexandria. Oral historians will be on hand to document the objects and stories as part of the City’s oral history archive. Participants should arrive a few minutes early to complete consent forms. All are welcome to come and enjoy local history through the perspective of fellow residents.   

Information for Participants

Those bringing memorabilia should come prepared to speak and sign in upon arrival to receive your 5 minute slot. In order for the City’s oral history team to record presentations and photograph the heirlooms for the city’s archives, participants must sign a Deed of Gift indicating consent to be recorded and granting rights, titles, and interest of the recording and photographs.  Participants will return home with everything they brought. 

What kind of items work for this show-and-tell?

  • Anything connected to the World War One era, 1914-1919
  • Can be related to wartime, home front activity, or other war efforts
  • Must be owned by the individual and be original.  No copyrighted materials please.
  • Examples of items include, but are not limited to: photographs, journals, letters, postcards, wartime souvenirs, uniform pieces or uniforms, liberty bonds, ribbons, newspaper clippings, etc.
  • No weapons please

Need help researching your heirloom?

The Alexandria program is inspired by a nation-wide effort to collect stories related to WWI in honor of those who served, at home and abroad. The National World War I Centennial website has additional resources for those interested in researching their family story. It also provides opportunities to upload your story to a national database.    

Is your organization interested in hosting a Family Ties program? 

Contact for more information.