Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee

Alexandria, Virginia and Caen, France have participated in shared cultural and educational exchanges since 1991 under the auspices of the Sister Cities International non-profit organization.

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Today, Alexandria and Caen (France) nurture a bond of shared cultural engagement through activities including:

  • Annual student exchanges
  • Intern Exchange
  • Annual D-day commemorative event
  • Lecture Series
  • Sending Alexandria delegations to Caen & hosting Caen delegations in Alexandria
  • Special Events

We welcome French enthusiasts and those interested to know more about our programs to join the “Friends of Alexandria-Caen Sister Cities” by signing up to be on our email distribution list. Comments and suggestions for activities and/or fundraising events may be sent via email.  Please include your email address in the message.

Sister City Committee Events and Information

For current Alexandria-Caen Sister City events and information, visit the Committee's webpage and Facebook page

Meet the Committee

The members of the Committee are appointed by the Alexandria City Council for a 2-year term. Each member is committed to attending monthly meetings and completing projects that advance the relationship between the two cities and local citizens. If you have questions, would like to learn more about the committee and/or would like to get involved please email us

Media Inquires?

Interested in serving on the committee?   Board, committee and commission vacancy announcements are posted by the City of Alexandria. Be sure to pay attention to the due dates as all applications are forwarded on to the City Council for approval.

Want to attend a meeting?  The committee meets the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Sister City conference room at City Hall.


Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee (ACSCC) Summer Internship in Caen, France 

Each summer Alexandria and Caen, which are Sister Cities, exchange student interns who work at the respective City Halls of each city.   The purpose of the internship is to give a young person the opportunity to represent his/her city while working and living in the other city, thereby strengthening the friendship between the two cities.  Caen is a city in Normandy, approximately two hours from Paris.  For more information about Caen, visit

Internship Description:

  • One month of full-time employment at the Caen City Hall as an English-speaking tour guide.  This involves memorizing historical information about City Hall and providing several tours per day to English-speaking tourists.
  • Stipend of 1100 euros provided by the Caen City Government;
  • Free housing provided in a university dorm or with a family arranged by the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee; intern must pay for meals, plane ticket, and local travel expenses.
  • Opportunities to meet and socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.


  • Ability to speak, read, and understand French with ease
  • Resident of the City of Alexandria
  • Aged 18-21 yrs.
  • Completion of at least one year of college.  Must be comfortable living independently in a dorm.
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Excellent references
  • Ability to cover travel expenses to and from Caen as well as in-country expenses.
  • Willingness to socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.

DEADLINE: Applications and a current resume should be submitted online. Watch for 2018 information. Please feel free to email any questions.

NOTE:  This internship is contingent on the availability of funding from the City of Alexandria.