Renting Lloyd House

The first floor and garden of Lloyd House are available for rentals and can accommodate up to 100 people, depending on the occasion. This includes weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, parties, meetings and programs.

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For information on Lloyd House rentals contact:

Facilities Coordinator
Lloyd House
220 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Download an information packet to learn more about renting Lloyd House.

Maximum Capacity

North Parlor Room:
50 seated dinner/meeting
90 limited seating, mixer event

Garden & North Parlor Room:
100 seated dinner** 

**PLEASE NOTE: In order to seat 100, your party will have to be split up among the Parlor Room and Garden. This arrangement is not recommended for wedding receptions. 

Events at Lloyd House are restricted to the first floor and Garden areas. There is one unisex, handicap accessible restroom available on the first floor for public use. 


Event Type  

Civic/Non-Profit & General Public 

Wedding Ceremony*
(Garden or Parlor Room)

$750 for up to 3 hours

(No reception, food or beverages)

Wedding Reception/Dinner*
Garden & First Floor

$2300 for up to 6 hours;
$300/hr. for each additional hour

Wedding Ceremony & Reception*

(Garden & First Floor)

$2600 for up to 9 hours of use; 

$300/hr. for each additional hour

Luncheon Party/Special Event incl.


$1400 for up to 3 hrs. of use

Parties, Special Events & Fundraisers*
(Monday through Thursday)


Parties, Special Events & Fundraisers*
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Meetings, Seminars & Workshops**

$100/hour (weekdays)
$150/hour (weekends)

 Use of china, glassware & flatware $5 per setting
 Use of tablecloth $20 per tablecloth (extra cost for staining tbd.) 

*$500 security deposit required.
**$100 security deposit required.

The rental fee includes tables which can be used inside or outside and chairs which can only be used inside. Linens should be provided by the caterer. 

Photo Gallery

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Lloyd House Parlour Lloyd House Parlour  Lloyd House Garden Lloyd House Patio Tent on the Lloyd House Patio