Weddings at Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum

The Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum's elegant 1839 Greek Revival building, with exhibit galleries on its first floor and a large Lecture Hall on its second floor, offers a unique historical setting for your wedding. We can accommodate up to 120 for a wedding ceremony and up to 95 for a seated-at-dinner tables event.

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    Information Packet

    Please email the Facilities Coordinator if you would like to receive an information package. 


    There is a short list of caterers included in that information packet. These are simply caterers who have worked here and know the layout. You are free to use absolutely any caterer that you want. Also, you can have a friend or relative do your catering for your wedding reception, if you so desire.


    The Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum is an elegant 1839 Greek Revival building, with exhibit galleries on its first floor and a 32' X 58‘ Lecture Hall on its second floor.  The Lecture Hall is decorated in the Classical Revival style of the 1840's, has a 15' ceiling, elegant tall mullioned windows, period valences, a Greek frieze atop the walls, and period custom made wall-to-wall Axminster carpeting. The Lecture Hall is accessible by a central staircase and a chair-lift elevator, which is also available to caterers and other vendors for load-in and load-out.

    The Lecture Hall is where both ceremony and reception take place. When we have both a wedding ceremony and a reception following, it is usually done in one of two ways.

    1. The altar, or whatever will be used, gets set up on our stage ( 9' x 22', and 13" above the floor ), and the chairs are set up in rows facing the front. We often set them up with a wide center aisle, and two more narrow side aisles. You can decide and sketch it out on the floor plan enclosed in the information package. We have a conservatory grand piano which you can use for $100, if you want. If not, we push it way over to the side to give you room. After the ceremony the guests depart for about one hour while your caterer sets up for your reception. Sometimes they go downstairs to visit our exhibit galleries, sometimes they have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres (this would have to be after 5 pm, when we close to the general public), and sometimes they simply go walk around Old Town, because we are absolutely in the middle of it. One wedding hired a horse and carriage to come by and take guests on short rides during the time needed to change over to a reception set up. Our galleries can be opened to your guests for $50 to open the front two permanent ones, and $50 to open the one gallery in the back of the museum that is for changing exhibits.


    1. The altar, or whatever will be used, gets set up on our stage ( 9' x 22', and 13" above the floor ), and tables and chairs are set up everywhere, just as you would want them for a reception. People simply conduct their wedding ceremony with all of their guests seated at their tables. After the ceremony, the caterer serves your reception dinner. (We have a large caterers' kitchen located just off the Lecture Hall, separated by a swinging door.)


    • Security Deposit: $500; due immediately
      (This is not applied to rental fees, is fully refundable up to 90 days before your event, and is returned after your event is over.)
    • Wedding ceremony only: 3 hour time block $750, additional time is $300/hour, due 60 days before event
    • Reception only: 6 hour time block $2,300, additional time is $300/hour, due 60 days before event
    • Ceremony & Reception: 9 hour time block $2,600 (additional time is never needed--this is always enough)
    • Use of our 7' 4" conservatory grand piano $150
    • Open our two permanent exhibit galleries after 5 p.m. $50
    • Open our changing exhibit gallery after 5 p.m. $50
    • Use of Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum’s projector system $50

    Music, etc.

    You can have a DJ or band, and can hire a dance floor to be brought in, if you want. Candles are permitted, as is red wine.

    Tables and Chairs

    We have 4’, 6’, and 8’ rectangular tables and 4.5’ round tables available for your use at no extra charge; we also have upholstered chairs available. Alexandria History Museum staff will set the tables and chairs where you choose. Our second floor Lecture Hall can accommodate up to 120 guests for a ceremony or stand-up reception and 95 guests for a seated dinner. Our caterer's kitchen is on the second floor, adjacent to the Lecture Hall. This kitchen has a refrigerator/freezer, a large sink, a hand sink, an oven, a microwave, garbage disposal, counter space, and a small ice maker.

    Use of the Entrance Hall

    After 5 p.m., our large and attractive 1st floor entrance hall is available for your guests, where you can set up a table and/or bar. There is no charge for this.

    Making Arrangements

    We strongly encourage you to come by and look our historic facility over. Please call before coming to ensure that the Lecture Hall is available to be seen when you arrive, as we are quite busy, and someone else might be using it at the very time that you come by.

    If you have any questions please email or telephone at 703.746.4994.

    Thanks for considering The Lyceum, Alexandria's History Museum, for your wedding and wedding reception.

    Facilities Coordinator
    The Lyceum


    (click photos to enlarge) 

    wedding picture 1  
    Wedding picture 2 
    Wedding picture 3 
    The Lyceum is located in the heart of historic Old Town Alexandria.  For weddings and receptions, the front entrance is often decorated and used for wedding photographs. 
    Wedding picture 17   Wedding picture 5  Wedding picture 6 
    The Lyceum is used both for wedding ceremonies and for weddings. 

    The first floor entrance foyer can be used for serving hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. 

    Wedding picture 9 

    Wedding picture 10  Wedding picture 11 
    The 9' by 22' platform stage is frequently used as a place for an altar (picture A), a chuppah (picture B), or for a musical group (picture C). 
    Wedding picture 7   Wedding picture 8    
    The wide, central staircase banisters can be decorated for wedding activities.  The Lyceum central stairway is perfect for group photographs.    
    Wedding picture 12   Wedding picture 13   Wedding picture 14  

    A Wedding ceremony at The Lyceum

    Additional decor (here, ficus trees) can be brought in.  Round tables are brought in for many receptions. The Lyceum's six and eight foot rectangular tables are available at no charge. 
    Wedding picture 15   Wedding picture 16    
    Wedding receptions often use a rented dance floor. Here a round table (later to be moved), is sitting on a dance floor.  Bride and Groom are greeted on the front steps by their wedding party.