Housing Master Plan - Additional Information

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, is located on the Potomac River, just six miles from Washington, DC. With its population nearing 140,000, this desirable community contains many distinctive neighborhoods. While Alexandria’s largely built environment makes new development and/or redevelopment both challenging and expensive, the city’s unique character and its proximity to federal government, defense, technology and contracting jobs continue to make it one of the hottest real estate markets.

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Draft Housing Master Plan By Chapter

    Executive Summary

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Demographic and Housing Analysis

    Chapter 3: Legislative and Development Environment

    Chapter 4: Guiding Principles

    Chapter 5: Goals and Strategies

    Chapter 6: Implementation Tools

    Chapter 7: Funding Sources

    Chapter 8: Plan Recommendations


        1. Planning Process: Advisory Group and Community

        2. Existing programs

        3. Consistency with Other City Plans

        4. Strategies for Households with Physical Needs

        5. Affordable Housing and Transit

        6. Funding Sources Matrix

        7. Implementation Tool Sheets

Advisory Group Past Meetings and Materials

Reference Documents

Reference materials on specific affordable housing topics and case studies will be added over the course of the planning process


Useful Links

Recent/Current City Projects Related to Affordable Housing


Contact Information and How to Stay Informed

  • City of Alexandria Office of Housing
    421 King Street, Suite 200
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    Tel: 703.746.4990
    Fax: 703.706.3904
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