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The Office of Housing partners with non-profit and private developers to structure and finance affordable housing projects and works closely with City departments to review development proposals and affordable housing contributions, including affordable set-aside units and/or voluntary monetary contributions to the Housing Trust Fund.

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Affordable Housing Contribution Procedures and Guidelines

  • Download the 2019 Procedures Regarding Affordable Housing Contributions to learn about opportunities to contribute to the City’s Housing Trust Fund and/or provide affordable housing units. Learn about the impact of the Housing Trust Fund. For more information, contact Tamara Jovovic at or 703-746-3097.
    • NEW!  An Update to the City's Policies and Procedures was approved by City Council on December 12, 2020, and subsequently amended on January 26, 2021. The Update addresses projects seeking density in excess of density envisioned by an underlying small area plan; senior housing projects (continuum of care facilities and independent living communities); and commercial to residential conversions. Download the summary to learn more. 
    • NEW!  2021 affordable housing contribution rates are now available. 

Land Use Categories (please refer to the Procedures for applicability provisions and exemptions) 2021 Contribution Rates per Net Square Foot
 Non Residential $  2.32
 Tier 1 Residential (by-right) $  3.10
 Tier 2 Residential $  6.21
 Commercial to Residential Conversions $  1.55
  • An Affordable Housing Plan is required in which cases where a projects propose to: 1. Make a housing contribution in the form of affordable housing units (whether required or voluntary); 2. Convert affordable units into a monetary contribution of equivalent value; and/or 3. Locate affordable units of equivalent value off site. Download the Affordable Housing Plan Guidelines to learn more.

Affordable Housing Financing

Zoning Tools

  • Section 7-700 of the Zoning Ordinance grants bonus density and height in exchange for affordable housing. To learn more, download Section 7-700 here or contact Tamara Jovovic at or 703-746-3097.
  • Section 8-200 of the Zoning Ordinance grants optional parking reductions for affordable housing projects. To learn more, download Section 8-200 here or contact Tamara Jovovic at or 703-746-3097.
  • On February 23, 2019, the City Council approved Text Amendment #2018-0013 to the Zoning Ordinance to create a new Residential Multifamily zone which provides land areas for multifamily residential development with limited neighborhood serving commercial uses and allows increased floor area in exchange for the provision of affordable housing. To learn more, click  here or contact Tamara Jovovic, at or 703-746-3097.

Income and Rent Limits

Environmental Assessment Guidelines