Homeowner Resources

The Office of Housing provides a range of services to homebuyers in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Community and Human Services, local nonprofits, and other organizations.

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Condominium and Community Association Training

The Office of Housing periodically sponsors free workshops related to condominium and other community associations. Topics include the structure and governance of condominium communities; fair housing law related to community association management; and understanding, managing, and amending governing documents. The sessions are facilitated by Pia Trigiana and David Mercer, attorneys from the Alexandria-based law firm of MercerTrigiani.  Interested residents should subscribe to  eNews for the latest updates on this and other training opportunities and visit What's New. To learn more, contact Brandi Collins at 703.746.4990/ brandi.collins@alexandriava.gov

FY2019 Condominium and Community Association Training:

Arlington County also sponsors community and condominium association training. For more information, contact Odalis Barrios,  obarrios@arlingtonva.us.

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

This program provides no-interest, deferred payment loans for the design and construction of home improvements to help low- and moderate-income City residents remain in their homes. The program serves owner occupants with combined incomes below 80% of the area median income by family size (which ranged from $65,680 for a household of one to $101,280 for a household of five in 2018). Eligible households may receive loans of up to $135,000 for construction costs, plus additional funds for related costs to improve the safety, accessibility, and quality of their homes. Repayment of the loans is deferred for 99 years or until the property is sold or the owner(s) move, whichever comes first. To learn more, click here or contact us at 703.746.4990

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

The Office of Housing provides referral services to partner agencies addressing a range of housing counseling needs. These include foreclosure prevention, loan default and delinquency, and reverse mortgage counseling. To learn more, contact Eric Keeler at 703.746.4990/ eric.keeler@alexandriava.gov

Refinancing or Paying off a City Loan

If you would like to refinance an existing homeownership or home rehabilitation loan that you received from the City, consult the  City of Alexandria Homeownership Loan Subordination Guidelines and contact Brandi Collins at 703.746.4990/ brandi.collins@alexandriava.gov.

If you would like to payoff an existing homeownership or home rehabilitation loan that you received from the City, please contact Cindy Metcalf at 703.746.4990/ cindy.metcalf@alexandriava.gov

Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled 

There are several City programs that provide tax relief for the elderly and disabled.

Energy Efficiency Loan Fund

This program provides access to low-interest financing to qualified City homeowners for residential energy efficiency improvements, including new roofs, appliances, and HVAC systems. Applicants must meet income limits and other guidelines established by the City and the participating lender, CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union. Higher income households may qualify for CommonWealth One's Home Performance Loan program. For more information, contact CommonWealth One Lending Department at 703.523.8211(extension #7611) or  lending@cofcu.org.

Energy Assessments

The U.S. Department of Energy's Home Performance Program with Energy Star is now being administered in Northern Virginia by LEAP, a nonprofit which coordinates home energy upgrades, such as air sealing and insulation, in area homes. LEAP offers energy assessments to City homeowners to identify key issues and solutions, connects homeowners with available rebates and special financing options, and helps residents select a qualified contractor to complete energy efficiency improvements. For more information, contact LEAP at 434.227.4666/ info@leap-va.org.

Weatherizing and Utility Assistance

A variety of weatherization assistance programs are available to help low and moderate-income City residents weatherize their homes and reduce their monthly energy bills.    

  • Rebuilding Together Alexandria provides free home repairs and safety modifications to homeowners in need (primarily elderly and disabled residents). For more information, contact RTA at 703.836.1021/ info@rebuildingtogetheralex.org.
  • Community Housing Partners Corporation performs diagnostic tests to evaluate areas of heat loss and energy efficiency improvements, such as repairing or installing attic and wall insulation and weather striping doors. For more information, contact CHPC at 540.636.8079. 
  • To learn about utility, cooling, and heating assistance provided by the state, Dominion Energy, and the Salvation Army, click here.  

Green Building Resources

To learn more about the City's green building resources, click here.