The Complaint Process

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination within the City of Alexandria, you should contact the Office of Human Rights and speak with a Human Rights Investigator.

Page updated on Feb 5, 2016 at 3:46 PM

How to File a Complaint

Once you have decided to file a complaint of discrimination, there are three steps before it is formalized.

Step One - you must complete an Intake Questionnaire Form.  The form can be submitted online, in person or by mail.  The Intake Questionnaire is for information purposes only, and is not a formal complaint of discrimination.  Click on Intake Questionnaire Form to access and submit the online version or call the Office to request that a form be mailed to you.

Step Two - once your completed Intake Questionnaire is received, a Human Rights Investigator will contact you to set up an intake interview, often by the next business day.

Step Three - the Investigator will conduct a face-to-face interview, and assist you with drafting your complaint.  All complaints must be in writing, under oath or affirmation, and be accompanied by an affidavit.

Filing Deadlines

There are statutory deadlines that, if not met, may preclude a Complainant from recovering any remedy.  Complainants are encouraged to contact the Office promptly when discrimination is suspected.  A complaint must be filed within 300 days of the last alleged discriminatory act in most cases.  The Investigator will discuss specific filing deadlines during the intake interview.