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Information on subsidized housing, home modification programs, homeownership assistance programs and other housing related information.

Subsidized Housing

Subsidized Housing for seniors and persons with disabilities is available in Alexandria, but there may be long waiting lists, sometimes as long as 5 years. There are two primary subsidized housing programs – public housing and Section 8 vouchers. Eligibility is based on income and family size. The majority of these housing units are managed by the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority. You can contact them for more information at 703-549-7115 or at their website

There are other subsidized housing options available, and each complex is operated independently, so you will need to contact them directly.

  • Annie B. Rose House 703-548-4946
  • Claridge House 703-823-5444 

City of Alexandria Office of Housing has several programs to assist residents, including energy assistance and an apartment survey.

Summary of Housing Programs 

Energy Efficiency Programs 

 Annual Apartment Survey – January 2009 (PDF)

 The City also offers Tax Relief and Tax Assistance Programs.

 Utility, Heating and Cooling Assistance – Link to this program on DHS website

 Rebuilding Together Alexandria  a nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. Their network of more than 200 affiliates provides free rehabilitation and critical repairs to the homes of low-income Americans.   

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