Children in Need of Supervision or Services

Page updated on Jul 26, 2007 at 1:09 PM

CHINS - Children in Need of Supervision or Services

There are two types of CHINS cases:

  • CHINS Supervision Cases involve children who are failing to attend school as required by Virginia law or who are running away from home.
  • CHINS Services Cases involve children who may be out of control at home and are in need of services or assistance that the community can provide.

A child's failure to attend school must first be addressed by the Alexandria City Public Schools and the child's parents. Each school has a social worker that is available to assist parents with concerns that they may have about how their child is performing in school. In most instances the school system looks to the parents of children through the 5th grade to be responsible for seeing that their child attends school regularly. From the 6th grade through the 12th grade, the child and the parents are both considered to be responsible for the child's attendance at school.

Before either type of CHINS case can be filed with the Juvenile Court, a parent, the parents, the legal custodian of the child, or the agency that wants court action must first exhaust all other reasonable alternatives that are available in the community. If you have questions concerning CHINS cases or need further assistance regarding your child, please call the Court Service Unit at 703-838-4144 and ask for an Intake Officer.