Local Motion Ambassadors

Page updated on Oct 1, 2010 at 1:36 PM

Leaders. Teachers. Believers. Champions.

We know you’re out there! And the City needs YOU for our new Local Motion Ambassadors program.

The City is looking for volunteers who can put their transportation expertise to a meaningful use by encouraging and assisting others to make the choice to stop driving alone and instead use transit, walk, and bicycle. By volunteering as a Local Motion Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to interact with the public, meet other transportation champions.

Local Motion Ambassadors are persons living and/or working in the City who are interested in volunteering to assist with promoting transit, walking, and bicycling as realistic travel options. Transit riders and cyclists are often enthusiastic about their travel decisions and genuinely celebrate when a neighbor, friend, or coworker tries transit or cycling and experiences the benefits for themselves.

Ambassadors help others make the choice to try a new travel option and, in many cases, hold his or her hand through the process. Once you get involved, you’ll help represent the City at festivals, transportation fairs, and even the Mount Vernon Trail with our partners like the National Park Service. Additional ambassador opportunities include hosting the Local Motion display in your community or at your work workplace; writing an article for your community and workplace newsletter; speaking at a resident or work event.