West Taylor Run Parkway Bicycle Facilities

Page updated on Feb 6, 2014 at 1:02 PM

What's Happening

In response to a number of community requests for traffic calming along West Taylor Run Parkway, the City recently installed bicycle facilities along West Taylor Run Parkway.   The facilities would provide bicycle access from Duke Street to the new bicycle lanes on Janney's Lane, providing a crucial north/south connection between these roadways.   The 2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Plan calls for a climbing lane from Duke Street to Dartmouth Road, which would provide a bicycle lane in the northbound direction heading up the hill with a shared southbound lane.    To provide a connection to Janney's Lane north of Dartmouth Road, the plan provides shared lanes in both directions.

Taylor Run Streetmix 


Public Outreach

College-Clover Park Civic Association 4.29.13 

Taylor Run Civic Association 6.12.13 

Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee 6.17.13



West Taylor Run Parkway Bicycle Plans