Brick Sidewalks

Page updated on Jan 7, 2016 at 8:24 AM

Brick Sidewalks and Sidewalk Design Guidelines

Brick Sidewalks Public Meeting 

On Wednesday, October 23, the City held a public meeting to review the application for design requirements for brick sidewalks and other sidewalk materials outside of the historic district in Old Town. Community feedback was sought on the draft City policies involving the installation of brick sidewalks in redeveloped areas. A new brick-concrete hybrid sidewalk option proposal was presented along with a citywide map that would help determine which materials might be used to construct new sidewalks throughout the City, including new construction in the Eisenhower East area. At this meeting, the City also discussed proposed new construction standards for brick sidewalks as well as a draft change to the City Code that would change the current policy that allows residents to pay for brick sidewalks in front of their property. Staff will provide an update regarding these issues to City Council in November. For more information contact Hillary Poole at  

Meeting Materials

    - Presentation: 10.23.13  

    - Green Sidewalks: BMP Design Guidelines 

    - DRAFT: Design and Construction Standards 

    - Citywide Sidewalk Map and Neighborhood Guidelines