Taylor Run at Janney's Lane Intersection Project

Page updated on Nov 18, 2015 at 2:30 PM

What's Happening

The project is complete! 

Before Photos

Before - Janney's

After Photos

After 1 - Janneys

After 2 - Janneys

Project Background

The intersection of  Janney's Lane and Taylor Run Parkway is a complex, multi-leg intersection with skewed pedestrian crossings and asphalt bump outs.  Many pedestrians cross at this intersection on their way to nearby Douglas MacArthur Elementary School or to the eastbound and westbound bus stops located here.  During the summer of 2013, Janney's Lane between Seminary Road and Cloverway was resurfaced and bicycle facilities were added to the roadway.  Currently, the Taylor Run Sanitary Sewer Upgrade and Stream Restoration Project is underway and is scheduled for completion by November 2014.

In the spring of 2013, the community provided feedback to the City of Alexandria regarding their safety concerns at this intersection. Input has been provided at a public meetings with the College-Clover Park Civic Association and the Taylor Run Citizens' Association.  The City has been moving forward with the concept level designs for pedestrian safety improvements at this location and presented the plans on July 10, 2014 at a meeting hosted by College Clover Park Civic Association.   General consensus at the meeting was that the City should move forward with the proposed design and look into including additional improvements that were proposed by residents.  The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here, and the proposed concept plan is shown below.  To provide comments on the plan or submit questions regarding the design, send an email to the City's Complete Streets Coordinator.

Existing Conditions

Taylor Run at Janneys Location 

Proposed Concept Plan

 Taylor at Janneys - Proposed - Website

Community Comments

  • Poor visibility and lighting for crosswalks (letter from College-Clover Park Civic Association) 
  • High speeds on Janneys Lane 
  • Unsafe crossings/vehicles do not yield to pedestrian/children crossing here 
  • Asphalt bump outs are eyesores and do not help slow traffic 
  • Vehicles turn onto southbound East and West Taylor Run Parkway too quickly and do not pay attention to crosswalks 
  • Vehicles unsafely pass stopped buses 
  • Poor visibility from side streets when buses are stopped (mainly from northbound East Taylor Run Parkway) 
  • Crashes at southwest crossing of Janneys and West Taylor Run Parkway (into the fence and parked vehicles) 
  • Missing sidewalks on the south side of Janneys Lane between E Taylor Run and Robinson Court.

Proposed Improvements

  • Replace asphalt bump outs and reduce pedestrian crossing distance with concrete curb extensions
  • Install a pedestrian activated "Rapid Flash Beacon" for crossing Janneys Lane between East and West Taylor Run Parkway
  • Provide "Your Speed Is" signs on Janneys Lane approaching Taylor Run Parkway
  • Create better visibility at bus stops
  • Build a new sidewalk along Janneys Lane east of Taylor Run Parkway
  • Construct new curb ramps
  • Slow turning vehicles with new curb extensions
  • Provide new bioretention systems to manage stormwater and reduce untreated runoff into the stream


Public Outreach

Engineering Plans