Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops Study

Page updated on Jul 29, 2015 at 9:51 AM

What's New?

The study is complete - to view, click FINAL REPORT.

Background Ped ADA Study Graphic

As part of the Complete Streets Program, the City of Alexandria conducted a study in Old Town and along the entire Mount Vernon Avenue corridor to improve pedestrian access to transit.

Study Goals

  • Comply with federal mandate to upgrade all bus stops to current ADA compliant standards
  • Create a ADA transition plan for bus stops in Old Town and Del Ray
  • Minimize parking loss & construction costs
  • Consolidate or relocate bus stops to improve bus travel time and encourage walking and active transportation

Study Timeline

  • Project briefings – Spring 2014
  • Data collection and analysis – Summer/Fall 2014
  • Draft recommendations - Spring 2015
  • Final Plan and public outreach - Fall 2015


Public Outreach