Old Cameron Run Feasibility Study

Page updated on Feb 11, 2016 at 10:16 AM

Project Background

The Old Cameron Run area between Eisenhower Avenue and the Mount Vernon Trail is a missing link that creates a major gap in the east-west bicycle and pedestrian network through Alexandria.  Cyclists must currently ride along Eisenhower Avenue or detour through the City on-street due to the lack of a continuous pathway.  A feasibility study for this project was completed in 2015 to provide guidance on the preferred alignment of this trail.  Funding for the design of this project will be available in July 2016. 

Completion of this trail is necessary to support a multi-modal environment, and providing local and regional connectivity. Additionally, the trail will encourage more walking, biking, transit use, thereby helping to reduce carbon emissions and improving health. This project addresses the need for a safe, connected pedestrian and bicycle network in the City of Alexandria.


Feasibility Study

Project contact: For more information, please contact Hillary Orr, 703-746-4017, hillary.orr@alexandriava.gov