Holmes Run Trail Study

Page updated on Feb 4, 2021 at 4:23 PM

The Holmes Run Trail at Ripley Street Crossing project began as a study that was completed in early 2014.  The study looked at the feasibility of improving the bicycle and pedestrian crossing of Holmes Run at Ripley Street.  Design of the bridge and alternative high water detour route began in 2015.  

This project proposes improvements to a portion of the existing pedestrian and bicycle network along a section of Holmes Run.  These improvements include the replacement of the existing Holmes Run fair weather crossing with an accessible pedestrian bridge, an on-street bicycle route to be used as an alternative to the Holmes Run Trail during flood events and the restoration of a portion of the run to a more natural conditions. Construction is anticipated to be completed in the Summer of 2018.  

Holmes Run Trail Study

30% Design Plans

60% Design Plans-Profile

60% Design Plans-Stream Stabilization

Holmes Run Trail2

Holmes Run Trail Alternative

Public Outreach

Presentation to Holmes Run Trail Committee - 9.10.2015