King Street Complete Streets

Page updated on Feb 24, 2020 at 9:54 AM

Post-Implementation Evaluation

Construction of the approved King Street Complete Street Project is complete. An evaluation of the corridor has been conducted and provided to the City's Traffic & Parking Board in September 2017. The evaluation included a comparison of traffic volume, speeds and queues with pre-construction data and the results of the project's traffic study. A summary of the evaluation was provided to the City Council in a memorandum from the City Manager.

The evaluation summary highlights final data analysis including;

  • Zero reported traffic crashes have occurred in the first year of implementation, compared to an annual average of seven crashes during the 10 years prior to this project.
  • Average vehicle speeds on the corridor have been reduced by 18%  between Chinquapin Drive and Melrose Street and 4% near T.C. Williams High School (between Radford Street and Chinquapin Drive). 
  • Traffic delay at the intersection of King Street and Chinquapin Drive has increased in the AM peak hour more than originally anticipated by staff but other intersections along the corridor have seen minimal or no additional changes to delay. 
  • Post-project studies indicate that traffic diversion onto Scroggins Road has not appeared to increase due to this project, which was an original concern from several residents. 


      Evaluation Data

      Traffic & Parking Board 

      Project Background

      The portion of King Street between Janneys Lane and Radford Street was resurfaced in August 2016.  As part of that project, the street was evaluated for multimodal improvements.  The City  hosted three public meetings to solicit feedback from the community about this corridor.  The City asked for input on this roadway to get a better understanding of what types of improvements the community would like to see. During and since the first public meeting in November 2015, the community provided the following feedback that staff attempted to address with the new street design options:

      • Difficult to cross King Street
      • Pedestrian safety concerns near school
      • Vehicle speeds along King Street are high
      • Street crossings are long
      • Not enough time to cross at lights
      • Unsafe for people who bike
      • Difficult to access bus stops
      • Improvements needed at intersections
      • Maintain travel time for drivers
      • Need to change character of the roadway

      Project Goals

      • Improve the safety and convenience for all street users
      • Provide facilities for people who walk, bike, ride transit or drive cars
      • Implement City Council adopted plans and policies


      Public Outreach

      Public Meeting #1 - November 17, 2015

      Public Meeting #2 - February 11, 2016

      Alex Engage Survey Open - February 12-28, 2016

      Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting - February 15, 2016

      Meeting with Residents - Melrose Street area - February 23, 2016

      Meeting with Residents - Kings Cloister Area - March 8, 2016

      North Ridge Citizens' Association Meeting - April 11, 2016

      Taylor Run Citizens' Association Meeting - April 11, 2016

      Public Meeting #3 - April 21, 2016 

      Seminary Hill Civic Association - May 12, 2016

      Traffic and Parking Board - June 27, 2016

      For questions and additional information, please contact staff online or call 311 or 703.746.4311.