Residential Sidewalk Program

Page updated on Dec 18, 2018 at 1:39 PM

Residential Sidewalk Program

Sidewalk Requests

The Residential Sidewalk Program is a community driven process for requesting sidewalks on Primary Collectors, Residential Collectors or Local Streets.  For a map of these streets, please view the City’s street map classification map.   The process requires that signatures are gathered from homes on both sides of the street within the project area.  Signatures from 80% of the residents on street where sidewalk is requested must indicate support for the project.  

Sidewalk Materials

Sidewalks in residential neighborhoods will be constructed with concrete unless they fall within a predefined “Brick Sidewalk Area” as outlined in the Brick Sidewalk Map


  • The street must be classified as a Primary Collectors, Residential Collectors or Local Streets (street map classification map)
  • City right of way available to install sidewalk
  • Neighborhood support for project


  • Number of requests each year
  • Feasibility of installing sidewalk (trees, topography, drainage)
  • Cost of design and installation


  • Streets with no sidewalks on either side of the street
  • Streets near schools, parks or transit
  • Street is scheduled to be resurfaced within the next two years
  • Date of application submittal
  • Cost and feasibility of installation


1.     Review eligibility criteria and if eligible, fill out and submit application for sidewalks.  The application needs to identify the project area and requires signatures of 5 people within that project area in support of the sidewalk.   The application requires the identification of a project champion, who will be the main point of contact for the City.

2.     The City will consider the application based on the above  considerations

3.     City planners and engineers will determine the feasibility of installing the sidewalk based on considerations above.

4.     If the application is approved, the project champion will notify each household in project area with flyer distribution and provide signatures noting support for or against the project from 80% of addresses in project area (signature page).  Property owners directly adjacent to proposed sidewalk MUST sign the petition and note if they support or do not support the project.  

5.     Condominium and apartment buildings incorporating 15 or more households will not be required to get signatures from all the residents, but the condominium association or property management company is required to provide written support of the project by submitting the multifamily signature form.

6.     City staff will inform project champion & civic association of eligibility and location for installation and will work with the project champion to notify residents of the street.

7.     Sidewalks will be prioritized request for sidewalks based on the above noted criteria.  Staff will notify project champion prior to installation

8.      Staff will request that the Project Champion notify residents of the street via flyer or email