Multi-Use Trails

Alexandria has a terrific trail system with over 20 miles throughout the City! From historic sites along the Mt. Vernon Trail to new developments along the Potomac Yards Trail, there is something for everyone!

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Trail Network

Alexandria has a great network of trails. Click the links below to learn more about each trail!

Trail News & Events

PortionS of Holmes Run TRail TEMPORARILY Closed

Portions of Holmes Run Trail are currently closed due to damage from historic flooding.

Four Mile Run Park Trail Bridge Temporarily Closed

The Four Mile Run Park Trail bridge has been temporarily closed due to structural deficiencies. 

Trail Etiquette

Here are a few suggestions to ensure that everyone enjoys their time on Alexandria’s trails:

  1. Share the Trail. Slower trail users such as walkers and runners have the right of way. It is important for bicyclists to maintain safe speeds for the benefit of all trail users.
  2. Ride on the right, pass on the left. When passing, make sure there is ample space to do so and notify others of your intent to pass either verbally or with a bell.
  3. Obey traffic signs and signals including stop signs and traffic lights.
  4. If you need to stop, step off the trail so you don’t block other users.
  5. Be alert for obstacles in the trail such as debris, potholes, grates, trail users, etc.
  6. Keep an open ear! It is unlawful to operate a bicycle while using headphones on or in both ears (VA 46.2-1078).
  7. Do not disturb vegetation or wildlife.
  8. Most importantly, have fun!

Trail Profiles

Backlick Run Trail

Description: The 0.7 mile Backlick Run Trail connects Ben Brenman Park to Armistead Boothe Park via Backlick Run. The trail runs along the Cameron Station Linear Park and provides access to the Holmes Run Trail Network.

Projects:  There are currently no planned projects.


Beauregard Trail

The Beauregard Trail is a future trail with design beginning in 2021. This project was recommended in the Transportation Master Plan and the Beauregard Small Area Plan



Description: The Eisenhower Avenue Trail extends 1.8 miles from Cameron Run Regional Park east towards the Eisenhower Metro Station. The Trail ends near the Metro Station at Stovall Street. The trail also connects to the Holmes Run Trail to the west.

Projects: There are currently no planned projects.


Projects: There are currently no planned projects.


Description: The Four Mile Run Park Trail is a 1.1 mile trail which connects to the Potomac Yard Trail, the Mount Vernon Trail, and Arlington's Four Mile Run Trail. The trail runs through Four Mile Run Park, which features athletic facilities, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more.




Description: The Holmes Run Trail is a 3.1 mile long section of trail extending between Cameron Run Regional Park (and the Eisenhower Avenue Trail), Dora Kelly Nature Park, and the Holmes Run Park. This trail provides connections to N Pickett St, N Van Dorn St, N Beauregard St, and to Arlington.


News: Due to historic flooding in Alexandria in 2019, portions of Holmes Run Trail are currently closed. For more information, click here.



Description: 5.6 miles of the 18 mile long Mount Vernon Trail runs through Alexandria. The Trail runs alongside the Potomac River and connects George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island. The scenic trail also connects to several regional trails including the Four Mile Run Park Trail and Potomac Yard Trail.




Description: The 2.1 mile Potomac Yard Trail runs from the Braddock Road Metro Station North along Potomac Ave to connect with the Four Mile Run Trail. This trail features exercise equipment, basketball courts, tennis courts, and numerous playgrounds.


Projects: There are currently no planned projects.


The Old Cameron Run Trail is a future trail with design beginning in 2017.  A Feasibility Study was completed in 2016 which recommended a preferred trail alignment and projected costs.  The City used this study to apply for grant funding to continue to design and construct the trail and was awarded funding through the Federal Smart Scale program.


Trail Network

Future Trail Expansion

Alexandria will expand the existing trail network by adding new trails and extending existing trails. View plans for the expansion of the trail network! 


In 2015 and 2016, the City installed bicycle and pedestrian counters along its trail at seven locations, shown on the map below.  The counters provide data in 15 minute intervals, 24 hours a day.  To access this data, visit the  Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter DASHBOARD.


In 2016, the City completed a study to identify short and long-term improvements to the shared use path tunnel underneath Telegraph Road and the CSX/Metrorail tracks, and the Holmes Run Trail tunnel underneath I-395.

Trail Issues or Comments?

Contact City staff online.