Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops

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What's New

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The Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops project will begin the first phase of implementation in Old Town in fall 2016.  As part of this project, bus stops will be made ADA compliant with the construction of curb extension.  The curb extensions will also shorten crossing distances for pedestrian, and pedestrian count down signals will be added at three intersections. The second phase along Mount Vernon Avenue is currently in design.

Project Background

As part of the Complete Streets Program, the City of Alexandria conducted a Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stop Study in Old Town and along the entire Mount Vernon Avenue corridor that provided recommendations to improve pedestrian access to transit.  

The goals of the study were to: 

  • Comply with federal mandate to upgrade all bus stops to current ADA compliant standards
  • Create a ADA transition plan for bus stops in Old Town and Del Ray
  • Minimize parking loss & construction costs
  • Consolidate or relocate bus stops to improve bus travel time and encourage walking and active transportation

Because parking is of high demand in Alexandria and the City is federally required to provide ADA compliant bus stops, this study was conducted to provide recommendations that maintain as much existing parking as possible while still creating accessible transit stops.  To simply make the bus stops ADA compliant, 4-5 parking spaces would typically need to be removed.  With many of the study recommendations, parking is maintained at currently levels by consolidating or relocating bus stops. By constructing "bus bulbs" at many of these transit stops, only 1-2 parking spaces are removed instead of 4-5.    The bulbs at intersections provide benefits to all pedestrians as they shorten crossing distances and slow turning vehicles. 

Implementation of these recommendations has been split into phases.  The first phase will construct improvements in Old Town with funding awarded through the Complete Streets Program and a federal New Freedom Grant, which provides funding for projects that enhance mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities.  The second phase is being designed in coordination with the resurfacing of Mount Vernon Avenue between Braddock Road and Hume Avenue.  In conjunction with the resurfacing, the City plans to install the recommended ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements at some  transit stops and intersections.  Bicycle signage and on-street markings (sharrows) will also be added.  For more information on these projects, click the links below:

Old Town - Phase I
Mount Vernon Avenue - Phase II

Project Timelines

PHASE I - Old Town Locations

  • Construction: Fall 2016-Winter 2017

PHASE II - Mount Vernon Avenue  

  • Summer/fall 2016: Interim street maintenance
  •  2016-17: Design process and utility coordination
  •  2017-18: Bid & award process, begin construction
  •  Mid-2018– early 2019: Complete construction

Public Outreach

PHASE I - Old town locations

PHASE II - mount vernon avenue

  • Del Ray Business Association Meeting - July 18, 2016



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