Manager's Report - 27 Jan 2012

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Beauregard Small Area Plan

The working Draft of the Beauregard Small Area Plan was released to the public at the Beauregard Community Meeting on January 23. Staff held a news conference with the media on January 25 to respond to questions about the plan. Over the next few weeks, City staff will make presentations to several City commissions and community stakeholder groups to receive and incorporate feedback on the plan from the community.

Inventory of Non-Working Street Lights Underway

Inspectors from Code Administration and Transportation & Environmental Services are working to inventory street light outages throughout the city. By the end of February, staff will identify and report all street light outages to Virginia Power for repair. After this inventory is completed and repairs are made, the city will utilize existing community and staff reporting systems to manage it.

Online Permit Payments Increased

Code Administration has been marketing the online application, permit, and payment options available on the City's website. Use of the online payment option has steadily increased. When it was launched in September 2011, 47 payments were made that month. By December, 162 online monthly transactions were received. Customers can apply and pay online for 1) permits that do not require multi-agency review, and 2) trade permits that have had previous plan reviews. An RFP has been developed for electronic plan submission and review (EPSR), which should make any building permit eligible for electronic submission and permit processing once EPSR is deployed.

Citizens Academy Applications Due January 30

The Alexandria Citizens Academy will be held on Thursday evenings beginning February 9, 2012 and concluding March 29, 2012. The Citizens Academy provides an in depth opportunity for residents to learn about City government through first-hand experience, and gain exposure to the wide range of government functions, services, activities and issues. The registration deadline is January 30.

Vendor Cart Applications Being Accepted

Any business that is interested in applying to participate in the food and beverage vendor cart program at Market Square must apply by February 15, 2012. A pilot program was launched from April to October last year, and is being continued during the same time frame in 2012. Vendors must purchase their own carts and obtain design and health department approval by the City.

  • Website: Vendor Carts

City Offers Free Tax Assistance to Eligible Residents

The Department of Community and Human Services is offering free tax preparation assistance to qualifying residents. Expert volunteers from Community Tax Aid, Inc. will ensure that taxpayers apply for applicable credits and deductions, including the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit. Taxpayers with incomes below approximately $25,000 for individuals and $42,000 for families are eligible.

  • News Release: Free Tax Preparation for Qualifying City of Alexandria Residents

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