Manager's Report - 20 Apr 2012

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Capital Bikeshare Program Update

Department of Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES) staff continue to work on implementation of the Capital Bikeshare pilot program, which is anticipated go live this summer. Currently T&ES is working through the exact locations for the bikeshare stations. The attached presentation will be used to discuss the program with civic associations located near the proposed sites. Previous discussions with civic associations, and boards and commissions have already occurred, which have helped to mold the program as now proposed. Discussions have either already started or will soon occur with the Waterfront Commission and the Traffic and Parking Board.

Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities Proposes Age Increase for Unsupervised Outdoor Pool Admission

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities is recommending an increase of the minimum age for unsupervised youth admission to City-operated outdoor pools from 7 years old to 12 years old. This change in policy would make the unsupervised youth admission policy consistent with that of the Rixse Pool at the Chinquapin Park Recreation Center. The proposed change would allow the Aquatic Program staff’s primary focus to be on water safety activities. The Park and Recreation Commission, Youth Sports Advisory Board and the City and Schools Staff Group support the proposed policy change. For more information, contact William Chesley, Deputy Director at

Taxicab Gasoline Surcharge

On March 1, 2011, in accordance with Section 9-12-132(a)(11) of the City Code, a $0.50 per trip fuel surcharge was authorized to offset increases in the cost of gasoline. At that time, the average cost of unleaded regular gasoline was $3.50 per gallon in the Washington metropolitan area based on American Automobile Association (AAA) fuel cost surveys. The current taxicab fare rates were established in January 2008, when the average cost of unleaded regular gasoline was $3.15 per gallon. The current cost of gasoline in our region is $4.05 to $4.13 per gallon and is projected by the federal Office of Energy Information to increase by another 20 cents this summer to about $4.33. This $3.50 to $4.33 charge justifies a $0.75 per gallon fuel surcharge. This surcharge will be in effect until the Director of T&ES recommends otherwise, but not to exceed one year.

Solar Photovoltaic System to Be Installed at Beatley Central Library

On April 16, the Alexandria Library Board unanimously agreed to support the installation of a 40-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system (solar panels) on the Beatley Central Library. The system is scheduled to be installed in July 2012 and completed in early Fall 2012. The solar photovoltaic system installation is fully funded through approved American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds. Alexandria Library plans to host a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the project’s completion in conjunction with the Library’s 75th Anniversary.

Overnight Road Work: Intersection of Duke St. & South Jordan St.

The City of Alexandria’s Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES), Maintenance Division will perform overnight road maintenance starting Sunday, April 22. Work will occur between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., and includes resurfacing and patching to sections of Duke Street between Quaker Lane and South Jordan Street. The first planned maintenance effort will require work over two nights of work, Sunday, April 22 and Monday, April 23, weather permitting. In the event of rain, work will be postponed one night.

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